ESCP Europe

The ESCP Europe presents a full range of highly acclaimed executive training programmes designed to develop and enhance your skillset to meet the challenges we face in the business world today


With our ever-globalising industries now in the midst of a worldwide recession, the need to identify, develop and connect talent has never been more critical. While many businesses are cutting costs, pruning their workforce and shedding unrealised talent, others are instead investing in potential and maximising the value of their employees.

‘Prevention rather than cure’ is the core message of ESCP Europe Business School’s cross-cultural, cross-border Executive Education programmes. We offer a world-class Executive MBA and a large portfolio of Open Enrolment courses that are tailored to fit around participants’ professional commitments, allowing them to maintain their salary, continue their career progression and simultaneously reap the benefits granted by the qualifications gained.

With AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA accreditation, ESCP Europe meets the highest international academic standards and has developed an original model of management education in Europe aimed at both current executives and those of the future.

Our fast-paced EMBA programme, currently ranked number one in the world for career progression by the Financial Times, introduces participants to a wide network of professionals, experienced faculty and like-minded individuals. ESCP Europe’s graduate network is some 35,000 strong, 1,600 of whom are MBA graduates. The 18-month course can be taken over six different core course tracks in Europe and begins in January each year. Different teaching methods draw on students’ diverse professional lives in order to provide a concrete learning experience and encourage the development of new skills.

Alternatively, our Open Enrolment programmes aim at enhancing participant’s careers by filling in their gaps of knowledge. Available to both individuals and corporate groups, participants can cover a range of topics from international business law to strategy, financial management to marketing and leadership.

The goal of transforming the workforce is not without its barricades; understanding the challenges faced as part of the journey requires prediction of the future. ESCP Europe focuses on these issues in order to deliver tailored executive training programmes that shape and align individual mindsets with organisational goals.

The secret to overcoming the skills shortage is indentifying first the key areas of development, and then the best training solutions. ESCP Europe has pinpointed three specific regions requiring the attention and focus of senior executives across organisations, including those responsible for the HR function:

• Developing and maintaining an adaptable workforce through a continuous training and professional development programme

• Revealing and addressing the leadership gap to ensure future growth

• Discussing and identifying the best strategy for talent management

The Executive MBA and Open Enrolment programmes allow companies to address these challenges whilst keeping their employees in full-time employment. Redressing the balance, the programmes create higher engagement and assist in keeping employee turnover levels down.

Creative thinking is essential to business survival especially during times of recession. Our Executive Education programs provide new perspectives and timely strategies for harnessing emerging opportunities and improving personal and organisational performance.

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