Intelligence is critical to success

In an unpredictable financial world, intelligence can prove the difference in the success of a deal

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3e International is regarded as one of the world's best intelligence companies. It currently works with clients in locations as far apart as Africa, Southern Asia and Europe

In the digital world, it is critical for companies to have access to relevant knowledge and information so they can successfully expand, but also protect their business. The modern commercial environment has helped make intelligence gathering a viable and important service, helping the intelligence industry grow as more and more industry sectors begin to realise the benefits it can offer.

3e International has evolved from a physical security firm into an intelligence company. It has transformed from a small, family-run business, expanding, as a result of increased demand, into a respected and recognised boutique intelligence gathering agency. European CEO spoke with Daniel Dilks, Managing Director of 3e International, to find out how the industry is changing to meet the demands of the modern business environment, and why.

Relevant intelligence is critical in order to make measured and strategic business decisions

Who does 3e serve and in which countries does the company operate?
3e International serves a multitude of clients, including high-net-worth individuals, market leading corporate and commercial companies, law firms, insurance companies, private banks and family offices. Our services are utilised worldwide, with 3e undertaking projects in the UK, Europe, Central Asia, Africa, Southern Asia, North and South America, the Gulf, and offshore jurisdictions. We offer a truly global service.

How does the company help its clients?
3e’s investigation team combines specialist knowledge and experience, which has helped us accrue a broad range of unique resources, a robust network of contacts, and a range of different operational methods in order to tailor our service to the needs of those who require our help. The aim of the intelligence obtained by 3e International is to enable the client to make the correct financial and commercial decision in any given situation.

Relevant intelligence is critical in order to make measured and strategic decisions. Confirmation of the facts and risks must be obtained in order to do so. We provide in-depth intelligence for clients before they enter into any financial investments, mergers and acquisitions, or trace investigations, so that they do not get any surprises after contracts have been signed.

Our investigations are conducted in order to confirm the facts, as well as to discover undisclosed information such as fraud and financial irregularity, conflicts of interest, hidden agendas, pending litigation, rumoured defections and staff despondency prior to contractual commitment.

3e International specialises in what is known as ‘human intelligence’. Our human sources act as a conduit to privileged and non-public information. This access is conducted in a discreet manner and seeks to identify and assess any areas of concern and potential material risks to the client’s involvement with any individual or company.

Why are intelligence services so important for business?
The cost of not conducting effective intelligence-gathering investigations for many companies and individuals has been hugely detrimental and the implied repercussions are significantly further reaching in financial terms than the initial cost. This is in addition to the significant reputational damage that can be incurred.

Where is the largest area of growth for the company?
Modern-day global business, offshore banking and complex company structures have warranted an increased requirement for our asset tracing and due diligence services. The comprehensive use of cyber and IT technology in modern life and business has also ensured an increased uptake of our cyber and IT security service.

How does the company stand out from competitors in the industry?
3e International comprises staff who have previously worked in the intelligence industry, both for government and specialist military units, in their respective fields of knowledge. This benefits our clients hugely, as we are able to offer them complete discretion, bespoke intelligence solutions, unrivalled capabilities, connections, contacts and methodology, and trust and integrity. What’s more, it also helps us add an element of personalisation to the service we provide.