Ready, jet, go! With Jetlogic, chartering a plane is fast and simple

By flying privately on business, airborne executives can actually save money while ensuring that less time is wasted, both on the ground and in the air

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Time is money and every minute that you or your top executives are away from your desks is a cost to your company. So, why not save both time and money by chartering a private jet? That, in a nutshell, is precisely what Jetlogic offers to its clients.

Jetlogic is an innovative global provider of aviation services to corporates, industry, governments and individuals for whom time is of the utmost importance. Recognised globally as a leading charter broker, the company brings together a team who, with over 20 years’ experience, provide an exceptional level of service and specialist knowledge in the global jet market.

“Through building strong relationships with partners in varied industries, we are expanding and becoming more diverse with the services we can offer within the private jet sector,” says Leigh Wilson, CEO and founder of Jetlogic. “From worldwide private jet and helicopter charter to aircraft management, sales, acquisition and finance, we provide a 360- degree bespoke service to clients.”

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With Jetlogic, it is possible to arrive for a flight 15 minutes prior to departure with no lengthy security checks to pass through. “Since we choose more convenient airports, transfer times are much shorter, meaning you could be back in the office the same day after attending multiple meetings around Europe, which saves on hotel costs too,” says Wilson.

With Jetlogic, it is possible to arrive for a flight 15 minutes prior to departure with no lengthy security checks to pass through

Furthermore, business can still be conducted in the air, with the service making it possible for executives to work on their laptops, catch up on emails with the wi-fi provided or finish off that all-important private meeting with partners in a secure environment.

Most airports have designated meeting rooms in their VIP private terminals, meaning clients can arrive at their destination and conduct their meeting within the airport before jetting off to another destination.

“Our overseas offices in LA, New York and Hong Kong allow Jetlogic access to a fleet of over 7,000 jets and enable us to offer highly competitive pricing coupled with the security, flexibility and exclusivity that each and every client deserves,” says Wilson.

“Solutions are tailor-made to suit our client’s specific needs whether they are for large commercial jets for group travel or ad hoc charters on all available sizes of private jets.”

European membership
Alongside offering individual charter flights, Jetlogic also offers a unique European membership programme which gives individual or corporate members guaranteed hourly rates in both light and mid-size aircraft for 12 months and all the benefits of a jet card without the requirement to pay any upfront deposits.

The Jetlogic card boasts no hidden charges and no risk. Once a member, the company guarantees to find the customer’s desired flights within 24 hours or less. Wilson claims that if there is an aircraft waiting at the client’s desired departure airport, it can sometimes have them in the air within three or four hours of their call.

Private aviation firms such as Jetlogic understand that time and convenience are of the essence, whether you need to visit three countries in one day, or you just want the comfort and ease of having times that suit your schedule.

“We’ll take care of your requirements and even have you home in time to spend the evening as you wish – reading your children’s bedtime story, dining at your favourite restaurant or just relaxing,” says Wilson. “We look forward to welcoming you on board.”

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