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Dedicated to maintaining its exponential international growth and excellent customer service, IronFX prides itself not only on its best-of-market products and customer service, but also on its ability to continually develop cutting-edge software for its novice and experienced traders alike

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Challenged with a continually developing and ever-growing FX market, IronFX has always strived to fulfil and surpass market expectations. As a result, and given its customer-centric approach, IronFX has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception in 2010, both in terms of accounts and customer deposits, culminating in winning European CEO’s prestigious “Fastest Growing FX Broker 2011” award.

Truly mobile trading
This privileged position is marked by several key factors. By using our unique “One Account, Ten Platforms” software, customers are always just one click away from accessing their trading platform and placing their orders on-the-go via the MT4, WebTrader, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Mobile, Smartphone, MultiTerminal or Personal Multi-Account Management (PMAM) platform. This new technology has been developed in-house to satisfy the growing demands of the beginner, intermediate and experienced trader.

IronFX advantageously provides its customers with full access to trade with over 130 instruments, including Forex, Spot Metals, a wide variety of CFDs on Equity Indices, as well as US and UK Stocks and Commodities, all at best-of-market spreads from as low as 0.4 pips. Another key factor to our unique technology provided for the convenience of the client, is the extraordinary access to our secure Client Portal, where clients can fund, withdraw, change account details such as leverage, attach updated documents and see account history at the touch of a button – accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

In addition to its technological advan- tages, IronFX is going that extra mile to ensure that each individual customer receives a personal touch by offering 24-hour support from the dedicated account managers. IronFX account-opening efficiency is fundamental to its growth: IronFX can offer clients account opening in just five minutes, in just three simple steps. Hence clients know they can take advantage of the fast moving global FX market without any delay.

In addition to our successful “One Account, Ten Platforms” functionality, IronFX has developed a bespoke training system by combining training on the popular MT4 Platform with our in-house technical expertise. The MT4 Platform is used by most traders on a global scale and is exceedingly popular with both experienced and novice traders alike, partly due to its easy-to use analysis tools such as the RSI or moving averages, Fibonacci, the Ichimoku cloud, and the Alligator indicators, along with all the standard items, like series-based indicators. IronFX combines the built-in analysis capabilities of MT4 with in-house technical expertise on a personal basis to ensure customers capitalise on the opportunities of the global FX market.

Strategies of market leaders
Furthermore, it is important to note that IronFX’s best-of-market spreads have always been the basis of our popularity in the market. In order for a customer to potentially succeed in a trade they must first be able to read the market by correctly using the technical and fundamental analysis offered by experienced FX companies like IronFX. It is important, however, to remember that these statistics are aided by the low spreads offered by each specific FX broker.

With IronFX offering spreads from an incredible low of 0.4 pips, this is extremely beneficial for individual customers as they can enter a trade as close to the market price as possible, thereby reaping the highest achievable benefits. At a time when the global financial markets are at their most challenging and most volatile, IronFX matches and surpasses its competitors’ spreads for best customer satisfaction and best customer trading results.

However, despite the volatility of the global financial markets, FX trading has emerged intact and the market has nonetheless continued to progress. One of the benefits of trading with IronFX is that customers can go long or short, regardless of the rising or falling prices around the world and have the added benefit of mobile trading. This has therefore encouraged more potential traders to delve into the FX market as they have a vision of where the FX market is projected to go.

Moreover, IronFX account managers are always available to aid customers in opening and maintaining their accounts at each customer’s own convenience, offering specialist training to all prospective customers upon request. Furthermore, given that spot metal prices have been escalating phenomenally since 2005 and due to projected market expectations, spot metals have become increasingly appealing to investors over the last few months and may continue to do so in the future. Consequently, spot metals have come to be known as a safe haven due to the fluctuating prices of FX and stock markets around the world.

Pertinent to the exponential growth of IronFX is the company’s lucrative Introducing Broker and Rebate Program. On the whole, an IronFX partnership programme can offer many advantages to those who wish to join its highly experienced and dedicated trading team. As an Introducing Broker for IronFX one can gain best-of-market rebates and an ability to earn bonuses on Introducing Broker commission. In addition, one can offer one’s clients tight spreads from a beneficial rate of 0.4 pips, competitive trading terms, and flexible leverage up to 1:500.

Introducing Brokers can likewise access an advanced bespoke IB commission portal and receive complimentary daily news, market analyses, support and information on resistance levels at any time they wish. They may also enjoy the reliability of partnering with an authorised and regulated EU-based investment firm (IronFX Financial Services Limited is authorised and regulated by CySEC under Licence no. 125/10) as well as open an account in five different dominated currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF.

Overall, given that IronFX has developed at such a phenomenal rate since its inception in 2010, it seems highly probable that it will continue to do so in the distant future. By offering the best possible spreads on the market, instant execution and the highest-quality software, as well as maintaining its international reliability and excellent customer service record, IronFX will continue to prosper despite its challenging competition and will always remain one step ahead of the market. Customer satisfaction has and always will be our main priority in this ever-developing financial field.

For further information on joining our increasing number of satisfied customers, please feel free to contact our experienced representatives at any time and they will be happy to supply you with all the information necessary about how to open an account with IronFX. Please call +357 2502 7000 or visit