Cobb County

The Atlanta metropolitan area is famed for its airport, but its business-friendly reputation, fostered by places like Cobb County, is no less attractive

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Luis Avilán of the Atlanta Braves delivers a pitch. The team is moving to Cobb County - a location famed for its excellent infrastructure and highly educated workforce

Selecting a home for your business is extremely important. The decision must be based on facts, community support and an established infrastructure for the future. Cobb County, located in the Atlanta metropolitan region of Georgia, has a strategic focus on economic development that not only sets the community apart, but also makes it particularly competitive for companies looking to relocate or expand their businesses.

High praise
Since its launch, the Cobb Economic Development Team has worked with companies to help them relocate or grow within the county. “Winners make commitments, losers make excuses. Throughout our process of creating a world-class ball park, this is what we have gleaned from our continued work with Cobb County”, says John Schuerholz, President of the Atlanta Braves. The praise doesn’t stop there, either: “Cobb Chamber displayed enthusiasm to work with us and understands our requirements to establish a presence within Atlanta. They not only supported the supply side of our business but also augmented the top-line, consequently providing complete 360-degree support in establishing our bedrock in Atlanta. The willingness of Cobb Chamber and its leadership team to help companies be successful is the support any business needs to dock their vessel in a well-established county”, notes Madhu Menon, Head of Influencer Relations and Onshore Sales at Infosys BPO.

Cobb County has the lowest taxes in metropolitan Atlanta and some of the lowest in the
southeastern US

The county also helps businesses understand the local area and build relationships, as pointed out by Graeme Marshall, Global R&T Director at Novelis: “As we established our hi-tech centre in spring 2012, the chamber and leadership were both welcoming in their endeavours to ensure a successful startup in the community. The group assisted in our relocation efforts and incentives. In our first two years operating in Cobb County, the chamber has been a unique source of local business knowledge and networking opportunities, and has been highly supportive in our recruitment drives to fill high-tech roles. The International Commerce Group has brought a focus and an opportunity to expand the Cobb offering for current and future companies with an overseas interest.”

Bountiful benefits
Location is a key factor for every business. Cobb County is less than 20 miles from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the world’s most connected and busiest airport. If you travel and your market is global, why would you be anywhere else? The county is also home to the world headquarters of several Fortune 500 giants, including the Home Depot, GE Power & Water and Genuine Parts. They join 10 more in metropolitan Atlanta.

As concerns finance, Cobb County has the lowest taxes in metropolitan Atlanta and some of the lowest in the southeastern US. Affordable cost of living and low business costs mean more revenue reinvested in your company. Cobb is also one of the most educated counties in the country, with nearly half our workforce holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. That means access to a young, educated and highly skilled workforce.

Choosing Cobb for your business comes with a long list of perks. Businesses have access to tax credits, sales, use of property tax exemptions and workforce training programmes. Low taxes and low business costs foster Cobb’s progressive business climate. The state of Georgia and local governments in metropolitan Atlanta, including Cobb County and its development authorities, provide incentives that focus on job creation, employee training, tax rebates, expedited permitting and licensing, and infrastructure improvements.

The state of Georgia provides performance-based incentive payments to qualifying companies that have created new jobs paying above-average wages and also offers customised training grants. In addition, Cobb County offers enterprise zones and redevelopment sites to provide incentives to businesses that expand or locate in designated economically distressed areas of the county.

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