InstaForex helps traders to win, regardless of their experience

Trading is about making the right decision at the right time. InstaForex, explains how this knowledge helped the company be chosen as Best ECN Broker 2016

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InstaForex's range of forex trading options and tools means that even complete amateurs can soon be active traders

The global community has witnessed game-changing events in 2016. The shocking Brexit vote in the UK referendum and the victory of Donald Trump triggered dramatic market moves, including in the forex market. The British pound sank to a historic low, the euro suffered limited losses, and the US dollar skyrocketed, defying expectations.

Interestingly, against this background of crucial changes in the global economy and non-stop developments in terms of the forex market, there is something that has been unaffected by global turbulence: the profits of InstaForex clients. It is common knowledge that savvy traders who take the chance when it comes can earn huge profits from fluctuations of currency exchange rates.

Trade to win
If you grasp the idea of development, you will be able to make an accurate forecast of currency dynamics. The better your forecast, the better your opportunity to profit from the dynamics of foreign exchange rates. InstaForex analysts post professional forecasts and market updates on a daily basis. Thanks to our quality analytics, millions of traders around the world make a myriad of correct trading decisions, earning steady profits as a result. InstaForex clients can find fresh analytics on the official website, and they can also receive daily SMS updates or newsletters by email. In addition, InstaForex can offer special services to those who care about time and do not want to trade on their own. Among such services are the ForexCopy system, designed for copying the deals of successful traders, and the PAMM system, which revolves around an investment project based on trust management.        

If you grasp the idea of development, you will be able to make an accurate forecast of currency dynamics

If you consider yourself a seasoned trader, and operate with your own time-tested strategy, you will appreciate the series of contests and campaigns arranged by InstaForex, in partnership with a range of famous sports teams. InstaForex entered into an agreement with the legendary Liverpool FC in 2015. The latest InstaForex contest, ‘Beat the Legend’, has been launched together with the club. Every InstaForex client has the chance to become a winner and enjoy a complimentary trip to Anfield, the home of Liverpool FC. Aside from this, in 2016 InstaForex proudly joined forces with Italian football club Palermo – a Serie A team, known for their authentic and passionate style of football. With InstaForex, new campaigns, partnerships and competitions are always around the corner.        

Professional toolkit
Apart from rewarding promotional campaigns, every InstaForex client can choose from over 130 financial instruments available for trading. Our clients can decide on suitable leverage, up to 1:1,000. We provide cutting-edge trading solutions, which ensure the utmost opportunity for generating profits.

The company’s wide range of trading solutions for clients with any level of forex experience, combined with a non-stop approach to the improvement of services, has brought InstaForex international recognition. This includes being named Best ECN Broker 2016 by European CEO.