Transport and sanitation lead Peru’s infrastructure investment needs

Alberto Ñecco Tello talks through ProInversión's portfolio of Peruvian PPP projects

16 Jul 2018

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Vertex Exchange Europe 2018: No more manual data gathering

Ellen Van Daal discusses the comfort and benefits that come with not spending three-quarters of her time simply gathering tax data

16 Jul 2018

Vertex Exchange Europe 2018: Fortive and Vertex Tax Performance Engine

Mattijs Overbosch explains why Vertex was the obvious choice for Fortive

09 Jul 2018

Invest in employee wellbeing to improve returns on expat assignments

Boxx Global Expat Solutions CEO Dennis van Proosdij explains that the success of an overseas assignment depends on the happiness of the expat and their family

05 Jul 2018

Vertex Exchange Europe 2018: Vertex O Series and Returns Solution

Belinda Buvens discusses her experience of collaborating with Vertex

02 Jul 2018

Global tax experts share insights at Vertex Exchange Europe 2018

European CEO joined Vertex tax experts, partners and clients in Amsterdam to explore the latest trends in international taxation and automation

25 Jun 2018

Real-time reporting of tax information | Vertex Exchange Europe 2018

Alex Baulf explores the trend from periodic and retrospective tax reporting to “as real-time as it gets”

18 Jun 2018

Vertex Exchange Europe 2018: Why Bright Computing chose Vertex Cloud

Okko Koorn explains how Vertex helped Bright Computing automate its US tax reporting

18 Jun 2018

Nothing standard about SAF-T | Vertex Exchange Europe 2018

Danny Vermeiren discusses how to deal with the increasingly misleadingly named Standard Audit File for Tax

18 Jun 2018

US tax reform for multinationals | Vertex Exchange Europe 2018

Bernadette Pinamont explains the interconnected complexities in the new US tax code

18 Jun 2018

dynaCERT helps diesel engines burn cleaner and more efficiently

CEO Jim Payne explains the Edison Award winning HydraGEN HG1 add-on unit for diesel engines

30 May 2018

Airopack: How packaging can save the planet

Quint Kelders, CEO of Airopack, introduces his sustainable alternative to traditional aerosol packaging

02 May 2018

CCC’s fortune in footwear: Profiling the largest footwear manufacturer in Europe

CEO Dariusz Miłek tells the story of CCC; from its streetmarket origins, to becoming the largest footwear shop network in Central Europe

30 Apr 2018