Håkan Nilsson

Best CEO in the IT Management Logistics Industry

Håkan Nilsson

Zinnovate International

Håkan Nilsson established Zinnovate in 2013 with a definitive goal in mind: to help large-scale logistic firms realise the full value of their IT investments. With more than 20 years’ experience in the global forwarding industry, including stints as CIO at TNT Freight Management and GEODIS, Nilsson was already a key player and trusted advisor within the space. In fact, his time at GEODIS was particularly noteworthy, as he was instrumental in transforming the company into a world-leading operator through a series of mergers and acquisitions, as well as through the implementation of cutting-edge IT solutions.

It perhaps comes as little surprise then that Nilsson has grown his own enterprise, Zinnovate, from a small IT services firm into one that is renowned and hugely successful on a global scale. The Stockholm-based firm stands out from its peers for its bespoke IT service offerings, which combine efficient business processes with the very latest technological products. Moreover, Zinnovate enjoys a global reach through its network of international partners – an added bonus for clients, as the company always stays abreast of the latest technological innovations.

Given his achievements in the global forwarding industry, together with the success achieved at Zinnovate, Nilsson has earned a reputation for having a clear vision and a pragmatic approach – qualities that are coupled with an ability to expertly communicate ideas to others, at all levels.

At Zinnovate, Nilsson is deeply committed to delivering excellence in terms of both customer and shareholder value. He achieves this through constant innovation, along with an unwavering dedication to achieving optimal system solutions and processes. Consequently, Nilsson has a remarkable proclivity for aiding organisations through company-wide transformations. This is largely achieved by maximising IT solutions, which in turn helps firms reach into the next league of their business.