Rodrigo de la Peña

BEST CEO in the innovative hospitality industry

Rodrigo de la Peña

Original Group

The hospitality industry is extremely congested. Mid-range hotels are competing with luxury resorts and Airbnb apartments, while restaurants, bars and nightclubs are likewise vying for tourists’ money. In this competitive environment, standing out from the crowd is essential, and finding a niche that appeals to customers may be the best route to business success. It has certainly proven to be a fruitful approach for adult hospitality brand Original Group.

Founded in 1974 as Original Resorts, Original Group is a leading player in the adult hospitality industry, operating in the hotel, cruise ship and real estate sectors. Across the company’s three resorts – Desire Riviera Maya, Desire Riviera Maya Pearl and Temptation Cancun – visitors can enjoy exotic beaches, first-class amenities and sensual ambience, all of which benefit from the beautiful setting of Mexico’s Caribbean coast.

Original Group’s customers can expect a wide range of experiences that cater for couples and single guests alike. Each one promises something different, including themed nights, private playrooms and relaxing spa treatments. The resorts are open to any guest over the age of 21 and people of all body types – the only stipulation is that they are ready to enjoy the experience.

While Original Group is certainly able to differentiate itself from most other holiday resorts, CEO Rodrigo de la Peña has still had to navigate some difficult challenges. Two years ago, the company underwent a rebrand to better reflect the broad range of services it offers. Growth has also been challenging, particularly in Mexico’s crowded tourism market. Still, the CEO has successfully diversified the group’s operations to include hotel properties, local housing developments and plans for a cruise, which is set to launch in February 2020. Even in an industry with such fierce competition, de la Peña is ensuring that Original Group’s offerings are always expanding.