Paracelsus Medical

Best Luxury Recovery Clinic

Regarded as the world’s premier provider of addiction treatment, Paracelsus Medical has been offering luxury recovery services since it was founded in 2012. The team has refined its treatment approach over the years and now offers the most comprehensive rehabilitation services available, all in a luxurious Swiss setting.

Located in Zurich, Paracelsus Medical is discreetly positioned near the city’s lakefront to ensure maximum privacy for all clients.

A stay in the clinic’s luxury penthouse residence, which includes a private bedroom and en-suite bathroom, as well as additional living quarters for an assigned live-in psychotherapist, is part of the price of every treatment. Clients are given 24-hour access to all services and treatments, including entertainment, dining options, therapy and medical facilities.

The clinic only treats a single client at any time, ensuring unmatched confidentiality as part of each customer’s recovery, plus the assurance that clients will receive the most exclusive residential rehab treatment in the world. Paracelsus’ unmatched reputation for providing quality service, discretion and empathy in its treatment of a whole host of addictions – ranging from alcohol and substance abuse to eating disorders – has earned it a name as one of the frontrunners in the international rehabilitation industry.

Recognising that each guest and every addiction is different, Paracelsus tailors its programmes to suit the needs of the individual. Most treatments last between four and eight weeks, and clients are granted full access to the necessary facilities during that time. Customers are guaranteed a complete and safe withdrawal process and, once their stay is complete, receive a comprehensive medical check-up at the centre’s partner hospital.

Paracelsus understands that its addiction treatment programme is just the start of a lifelong recovery process. As such, it provides comprehensive aftercare, including post-treatment therapy, daily remote supervision and ongoing medication reviews.

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