Best CEOs

  • BEST CEO in the water purification industry

    Peter Holme Jensen

  • BEST CEO in the sustainable aviation industry

    Robin Hayes

    JetBlue Airways
  • BEST CEO in the sustainable transportation industry

    Andrew Barr

    Ansaldo STS
  • BEST CEO in the emission-reduction technology industry

    Jim Payne

  • BEST CEO in the sustainable multi-LED and solar engineering industry

    Christine Nash

    MetroSmart International
  • BEST CEO in the sustainable resource management industry

    Stefan Ranstrand

  • BEST CEO in the environmental monitoring industry

    Denis Kiselev

  • BEST CEO in the international ship recycling industry

    Henning Gramann

    GSR Services
  • BEST CEO in the sustainable mining industry

    Mark Cutifani

    Anglo American
  • Best CEO in the sustainable apparel industry

    Victor Herrero

  • BEST CEO in the sustainable product manufacturing industry

    Åke Paulsson

  • BEST CEO in the FDI Environmentally Sustainable Developments Industry

    Marwan bin Jassim Al Sarkal

    Sharjah Investment and Development Authority
  • BEST CEO in the innovative hospitality industry

    Rodrigo de la Peña

    Original Group
  • BEST CEO in the sustainable food industry

    Kevin Cleary

    Clif Bar and Company
  • BEST CEO in the tourism investment promotion industry

    Imad Barrakad

    Moroccan Agency for Tourism Development
  • BEST CEO in the sustainable investment industry

    Naïm Abou-Jaoudé

  • Best CEO in the sustainable consulting industry

    Harald Friedl

    Circle Economy
  • BEST CEO in the Sustainable Hospitality Industry

    Marcos Constandse

    Experiencias Xcaret
  • BEST CEO in the contract development and manufacturing industry

    Menzo Havenga

    Batavia Biosciences
  • Entrepreneur of the Year Energy Technology (North America)

    Robert Yost

    American Wind
  • Best CEO in the sustainable office architecture industry

    Juan Carlos Baumgartner

  • BEST CEO in the Integrated Security Services Industry

    Moses Baiden Jnr

    Margins Group
  • best ceo in the LNG industry

    Philippe Berterottière

  • BEST CEO in the pension funds industry

    Sam Camilleri

    Natal Joint Municipal Pension/Provident Funds
  • best ceo in the global mobility industry

    Dennis van Proosdij

    Boxx Global Expat Solutions
  • best ceo in the public procurement industry

    A B Adjei

    Public Procurement Authority
  • BEST CEO in the trade promotion industry

    Pablo Martín Carbajal

  • best ceo in the regtech industry

    E Jay Saunders

    Domus Semo Sancus
  • best ceo in the diagnostics industry

    Filippo Bosco

    BluSense Diagnostics
  • best ceo in the CyberSecurity Industry

    Vincent Steckler

  • BEST CEO in the pharmaceuticals industry

    Robert Wessman

  • BEST CEO in the data centre and cloud industry

    David Ruberg

  • Best CEO in the executive coaching industry

    Jan Bowen-Nielson

    Quiver Management
  • best ceo in the HR technology industry

    Adam Miller

    Cornerstone OnDemand
  • Best ceo in the sustainable automotive industry

    Luca de Meo

  • best ceo in the sustainable water bottle industry

    Sarah Kauss

  • BEST CEO in the microloans industry

    Stephen Amoah

    Microfinance and Small Loans Centre
  • BEST CEO in the Pain Management Industry

    Augusto Mitidieri

  • Entrepreneur of the Year Payment Solutions Industry (Western Europe)

    Noel Moran

    Prepaid Financial Services
  • Entrepreneur of the Year Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry (Western Europe)

    Shaun Chilton

    Clinigen Group
  • Entrepreneur of the Year Engineering and Technology industry

    Natalie Mekelburger

  • Entrepreneur of the Year, Biometrics Industry (North America)

    Martin Burns

    Bruin Biometrics