Pablo Martín Carbajal

BEST CEO in the trade promotion industry

Pablo Martín Carbajal


With a goal to become the leading authority in the Canary Islands’ long-awaited internationalisation process, Proexca has committed to attracting investment to the islands and boosting their profile on the world stage. The archipelago boasts impressive infrastructure and trade links with Europe and Africa, giving it a strategic position in terms of attracting global investment. In addition to his position as CEO of Proexca, Pablo Martín Carbajal works as Deputy Head of Economic African Affairs for the Canary Islands Government, where he is responsible for the promotion of political and economic cooperation between the Canary Islands and West Africa.

He has utilised his experience to encourage foreign direct investment in the Canary Islands and to create new initiatives and social programmes at a local level. His commitment to improving the islands’ internationalisation profile, as well as its relationship with neighbouring African countries, has earned him a reputation as a clear leader within the global trade promotion industry.

Recently, Carbajal took part in a meeting with representatives from the Canary Islands’ special economic zone to coordinate international promotion of the Canary Islands for the coming year. The tax advantages offered by the islands were a key feature of this publicity campaign. Proexca’s primary aim for 2019 is for such promotional activities to result in increased trade and investment from markets including the US, Canada, West Africa, Scandinavia and China.

In 2017 alone, 136 new companies committed to investing in the Canary Islands, pledging to invest €103m and create 1,640 new jobs in the process. With more than 17 million tourists visiting the archipelago every year, the islands are an ideal location for companies wishing to tap into both the African and European markets.