David Ruberg

BEST CEO in the data centre and cloud industry

David Ruberg


Interxion has been providing carrier and cloud-neutral data centre services since its inception in 1998. With 50 operating data centres across 11 countries and a customer base of more than 2,000, Interxion is the leading operator of cloud hubs in Western Europe.

After five years as chairman of the company, David Ruberg was appointed as CEO of Interxion in 2007. Before joining the firm, Ruberg served as CEO of Intermedia Communications and previously held senior posts at a number of high-profile technology companies, including Data General and AT&T. He holds a master’s degree in computer and communications science from the University of Michigan, and his experience in the IT, technology and communications sectors has made him a true asset to the Interxion team, particularly in its current period of growth and development.

Carrier and cloud-neutral data centres first came into existence roughly 20 years ago, with the advent of the internet. These neutral interconnection hubs have become a vital part of today’s digital economy and allow telecommunications providers, cloud providers, digital media companies and enterprises to exchange IP traffic to deliver content to end users.

Interxion’s exemplary work in this field provides high levels of security and reliability for international IT and telecommunications firms. Furthermore, the firm is an industry leader in terms of sustainability. In an interview with European CEO, Ruberg said: “At Interxion, we see green energy as an asset and not as a cost, and we always strive to combine efficiency with sustainability.” He also believes that “with the increased pace of cloud adoption, carrier and cloud-neutral colocation data centres will increasingly become the primary hubs where businesses will connect and grow their mission-critical activities”.

With Ruberg at the helm, Interxion will undoubtedly be more than capable of keeping pace with these far-reaching industry developments in the coming years.