Augusto Mitidieri

BEST CEO in the Pain Management Industry

Augusto Mitidieri


Having worked at Sintetica for 18 years, Augusto Mitidieri is well acquainted with the company’s accomplishments and ambitions. Overseeing more than 300 employees and responsible for Sintetica’s global strategy, Mitidieri has shown a commitment to maintaining the firm’s leading position within the global pharmaceuticals and pain management industry.

Sintetica develops and distributes anaesthetics and analgesics on an international scale, using groundbreaking science and excellence in research to drive innovation. With specialised national sales teams in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the UK and Ireland, the firm has a strategic global network that allows its products to reach as many patients as possible. Sintetica’s current areas of focus include: cutting-edge local anaesthetics in line with its one-day surgery scheme; its Dual Spinal painkiller range, which provides advanced at-home recovery treatments following surgery; and its ‘enhance intrathecal therapy’ promise to improve care in neuromodulation.

Mitidieri is now responsible for the vision of the 97-year-old company, ensuring every stage of development from strategy design through to execution is completed effectively and to world-class standards. He told European CEO: “I believe innovation is vitally important, not only in terms of our products but also with regard to management style and organisation. Getting this right is a key element of our long-lasting success.”

One of Mitidieri’s main ambitions has been to implement a company-wide model based on responsibility and meritocracy, rather than rigid internal hierarchies. Such an ideal falls in line with Sintetica’s aim to create a working environment based on innovative ideas and positive dynamics, resulting in first-rate products that have the ability to help hundreds of thousands of patients. Most recently, Sintetica obtained marketing authorisation in the US for its product Clorotekal, making it one of very few SMEs in the world to have registered an original pharmaceutical product in the country.