Algeria’s tech export pioneer hopes to create 1,000 new businesses

Bomare Company's ambition of producing 7.5 million televisions a year will help Algeria's entrepreneurs create hundreds of new engineering SMEs, says Ali Boumediene

06 Jan 2022

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Vertex tax technology: How Siemens sought (and found) a tax calculation engine built for growth

Siemens’ US Head of Indirect Tax explains why the company chose Vertex as its new tax calculation engine provider

20 Dec 2021

Vertex tax technology: Global tax determination at speed and scale

Manage indirect tax at a single point, leveraged across all your global business units

20 Dec 2021

Vertex tax technology: Data intelligence for tax

Your tax department could be using all its data for more than just compliance

20 Dec 2021

Vertex tax technology: Introducing Vertex Cloud VAT compliance

A cloud-based solution can improve and automate processes while reducing IT infrastructure and maintenance

20 Dec 2021

Vertex tax technology: Why add a tax engine for procurement

Automating tax determination can improve accuracy, efficiency, and audit performance

17 Nov 2020

Vertex tax technology: Why add a tax engine for VAT determination

Manual tax research can be a significant cause of VAT error

17 Nov 2020

Vertex tax technology: Introducing SAP chain flow accelerator

The new tool helps SAP ECC or S/4HANA users improve VAT accuracy

17 Nov 2020

ICF Next: How to avoid the biggest transformation mistakes

‘We hear too much, ‘I want to be like Netflix’… come back from all of that; let’s work out who you are.’

13 Apr 2020

ICF Next: Business transformation must start from a shared purpose

Laurent Lejeune and James Wilkins from ICF Next explain how to get buy-in for transformation projects

13 Apr 2020

Atiak Sugar Factory has made green fields out of battlefields, says CEO

Dr Amina Hersi Moghe, ‘the woman who changed urban Uganda,’ is now transforming rural Uganda with her latest investment project

10 Mar 2020

The Project Economy: What it means for the world, business, and you

‘The world is becoming projectified,’ says PMI’s new president and CEO, Sunil Prashara – so what is the project economy, and what does it mean for your skillset?

04 Dec 2019

PMI: There’s a lot of work to be done in the discipline of transformation

With very few transformation initiatives delivering on c-suite expectations, the Project Management Institute’s Sunil Prashara suggests three strategies to success

04 Dec 2019