Ghana’s smart ID card will pay ‘political, economic, and social dividends’

The new Ghana Card gives 16.2 million people the world's most advanced electronic passport – for free – explains Moses K Baiden Jr

15 Nov 2018

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Why due diligence is central to Malta’s citizenship by investment agency

Jonathan Cardona, CEO of the Malta Individual Investor Programme Agency, discusses what the programme offers to investors and to the country

12 Nov 2018

Aquaporin water purification based on ‘billions of years of evolution’

Peter Holme Jensen explains the Nobel prize winning discovery that powers his water purification technology

11 Sep 2018

How our workspaces make us depressed, and why they don’t have to

Architect and emotional designer Juan Carlos Baumgartner explains why traditional offices kill happiness

10 Sep 2018

Luxaviation Helicopters offers door-to-door private aviation for VVIPs

CEO Charlotte Pedersen’s new division completes Luxaviation Group’s private aviation offering

03 Sep 2018

DSS hopes to establish Turks and Caicos as new technology hub

E. Jay Saunders discusses his ambitions for his financial technology company and homeland

14 Aug 2018

SafetyNet: The AI and darkweb solution to international KYC challenge

DSS CEO E. Jay Saunders explains his tech solution to financial inclusion and KYC de-risking

14 Aug 2018

Robotic process automation for tax | Vertex Exchange Europe 2018

Danny Vermeiren says that robotics can be a good complement to a tax solution – but it’s not a panacea

06 Aug 2018

Blockchain for tax professionals | Vertex Exchange Europe 2018

David Deputy explains why tax authorities are excited to bring the immutability of blockchain to the tax realm

30 Jul 2018

Digitisation in European VAT reform | Vertex Exchange Europe 2018

Danny Vermeiren discusses the technologies that tax authorities are using to close the VAT gap in Europe

23 Jul 2018

Transport and sanitation lead Peru’s infrastructure investment needs

Alberto Ñecco Tello talks through ProInversión’s portfolio of Peruvian PPP projects

16 Jul 2018

Vertex Exchange Europe 2018: No more manual data gathering

Ellen Van Daal discusses the comfort and benefits that come with not spending three-quarters of her time simply gathering tax data

16 Jul 2018

Vertex Exchange Europe 2018: Fortive and Vertex Tax Performance Engine

Mattijs Overbosch explains why Vertex was the obvious choice for Fortive

09 Jul 2018