RSM targets growing opportunities in China with recent merger

'This is a very important phase of development, given the China-US trade wars,' says RSM CEO Jean Stephens

26 Nov 2019

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RSM International: Innovation begins with culture and collaboration

Jean Stephens and Gregor Schmidt discuss the future of the middle-market audit, tax and consulting network

26 Nov 2019

Prepaid Financial Services prepares for IPO, predicts mobile future

Noel Moran, Valerie Moran, and Lee Britton discuss the origins, challenges, and future of one of Europe’s most successful fintechs

13 Nov 2019

Go-Ahead Group: Moving the city for good

‘What’s good for society and the environment is good for our business in the long term,’ says David Brown, European CEO’s Best CEO in the Sustainable Transportation Industry 2019

19 Sep 2019

Brunel Carriage: A ride-hailing solution for discerning corporates

Managing Director Anthony Edwards introduces the one-stop shop for global ground transportation

03 Sep 2019

Understanding and delivering value | PMI EMEA Congress 2019

“It’s important that we understand the different currencies, and how different stakeholders view success,” says IBM’s Jim Boland

12 Aug 2019

Why project managers need to always be curious | PMI EMEA Congress 2019

Project managers must be open to learning and adapting to deliver value successfully, says the Project Management Institute

12 Aug 2019

Project Management Institute marks 50 years of turning ideas into reality

European CEO speaks to delegates at PMI’s EMEA Congress 2019, as the organisation celebrates its 50th anniversary

12 Aug 2019

Hire anyone, anywhere: how Globalization Partners powers growth

CEO Nicole Sahin explains how her business deals with all the red tape of cross-border recruitment so that yours doesn’t have to

23 Jul 2019

Marketing the MicroCube: when going home is better than going big

American Wind CMO and VP Daniel B Yost on the challenges of marketing a transformative energy solution

17 Dec 2018

A new and innovative approach to harnessing wind energy

American Wind CEO and President Robert Yost introduces us to the MicroCube

17 Dec 2018

Ghana’s smart ID card will pay ‘political, economic, and social dividends’

The new Ghana Card gives 16.2 million people the world’s most advanced electronic passport – for free – explains Moses K Baiden Jr

15 Nov 2018

Why due diligence is central to Malta’s citizenship by investment agency

Jonathan Cardona, CEO of the Malta Individual Investor Programme Agency, discusses what the programme offers to investors and to the country

12 Nov 2018