Vertex Exchange Europe 2018: Vertex O Series and Returns Solution

Belinda Buvens discusses her experience of collaborating with Vertex


Tax technology provider Vertex hosted a two day conference in April 2018, bringing their experts in tax and technology together with their partners and clients. European CEO joined them to learn about the tax compliance challenges that multinational businesses are facing, and the trends in technology and automation that are helping them manage. In this video, Belinda Buvens discusses the US supreme court ruling that will transform taxation for eCommerce businesses, and her experience of Vertex’s collaborative approach to service and development.

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Belinda Buvens: We’ve been using Vertex O Series for quite a while; we use it in our US market, and we also use it in the rest of the world. And in the US we also use the Vertex Returns Solution.

We believe that Vertex is very competitive compared to the others on the market. Their content is very accurate, they keep us very well informed. They’re very collaborative, so when there are issues, you always know who to reach and who you can contact.

The biggest trend that is affecting us is, all the tax administrations around the world are looking at eCommerce. Everything that is happening over the internet. And so we are actually waiting in the US on the decision of the supreme court on a specific court case that could quite change sales and use tax legislation. But the whole move to e- is really what is impacting us.

The Vertex conference is always very good because there’s quite a lot of content. I like the fact that you have different sessions that you can attend. And then also the opportunity that you’ve got to network with so many other companies that have the same challenges as you do. So I always think, you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel! Just ask other people. And I think you have a great opportunity to do that here.

Vertex really wants to listen to their customers and hear what we think about their products. So I’ve got the opportunity to join that and hear a little bit more about what Vertex is planning to do. They’re very collaborative in how they work together with their customers and clients. And I feel that they’re always trying to help you to get better indirect tax compliance.

Vertex is really expanding on the European market, and that’s obviously great news even for the existing customers, because the more clients that are using the product, I think the better the product will become. And I was also pleased to see how they are interacting with the European tax administrations, because as a client that’s useful to know that that’s what they do.