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Combining advanced surgical methods with cutting-edge technology, Krajmed Medical Centre is setting new standards in private healthcare

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Established in 1994, Krajmed Medical Centre has been practicing exceptional private healthcare for nearly two decades. The modern facility, based in Warsaw, Poland, has over 40 specialist physicians who use state-of-the-art medical equipment to provide comprehensive and high-quality care. Krajmed specialises in laryngology and rhinoplasty procedures and has become the leading Polish medical facility in performing sinus and tonsil surgeries. The clinic successfully provides the diagnosis and management of diseases for the ears, nose, sinuses, throat and larynx, for people of all ages. The centre also diagnose and treat sleep disorders, such as snoring and apnoea. Hi-tech equipment including sophisticated endoscopes and advanced microscopes are used for the purpose of diagnosis. Thousands of people use the services of the clinic every year, including famous faces from the world of sports, business, culture and politics. The centre, which performs over 800 operations each year, has been recognised as European CEO’s Best Private Healthcare Provider, Eastern Europe, 2013.

Safe and sound
Krajmed was founded by Marek Krajewski (MD-PhD) – an otorhinolaryngologist specialising in endoscopic nose surgery. He developed an endoscopic method of surgical treatment on the tonsils that eliminates post-operative bleeding, which makes the procedure safe and offers a faster recovery rate. His professional passion is sinus surgery, having acquired his skills and gained professional experience at the Medical University of Southern Africa in Pretoria, where he worked as the Head of the ENT (ear, nose and throat) department. Krajewski is a member of several Polish and international medical associations, and since 2003 has been the Regional Delegate of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. This title was awarded to acknowledge his outstanding achievements in rhinoplasty.

By applying innovative, endoscopic surgical techniques, operations have low invasiveness and high efficiency

Krajmed Medical Centre offers a wide range of services, from medical consultation to nose, facial plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, performed by highly qualified personnel with extensive international experience. The most common functional problems solved at the clinic are blockages, sinus inflammations, running noses and snoring.

Volumetric CT scanning was introduced at the centre to diagnose sinus diseases. The examination lasts only eight seconds and the dose of radiation is just 5μSv. During sinus surgery the most modern, intra-operative intelligent surgical Fiagon navigation is used. It increases the safety and accuracy of operations and limits the extent of the treatment to only the affected areas. The system provides easy patient registration and navigation on demand. By applying innovative, endoscopic surgical techniques operations have low invasiveness and high efficiency. This allows children to be treated for sinusitis.

Highest standard
To use the utmost of its staff, operations combining the function and the aesthetics of the nose are performed by the team of surgeons. Krajewski attends the inside of the nose and Michał Krawczyński (MD-PhD), an American Board Certified facial plastic surgeon, simultaneously performs rhinoplasty. So by one operation function and aesthetics are improved. The team also includes Anna Tuszyńska (MD-PhD), who is a Fellow of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and Magdalena Hamera (MD-PhD).

The centre has its own hospital ward with five single and double patient rooms. They are equipped with telemonitoring devices that remotely monitor patient’s life functions, a TV, a telephone and a wireless internet access point. Thanks to the innovation, diligence and precision, Krajmed Medical Centre provides services of the highest European standards. Very well qualified and experienced staff, state-of-the-art equipment and comfortable interiors, with a warm and homely atmosphere, provide safety and comfort during a stay at the clinic.

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