To face an unpredictable economy, clients must use a reliable consultancy

Intercorp is built on the idea that consultancies should remain loyal and responsible to their clients. In an unpredictable financial world, such a service is becoming more and more vital

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In today's complex global economy, it has never been more important for organisations to seek specialist advice when organising their tax affairs

Tax consultancies are often too quick to absolve themselves from any responsibility when it comes to poor decision-making. That’s our belief at Intercorp Group, where our ambition is to provide clients with access to a global network of professionals and offer solutions befitting of their unique circumstances. In a global economy made more complex by ever-changing regulatory restrictions and growing financial pressures, insightful expertise of this kind is essential, if only to better understand the international market and avert the many pitfalls contained within it.

Real-world solutions
Intercorp Group was founded on the premise that consultants should be responsible and accept the risks of their own advice. Clients need to be able to rely on us as specialists, and trust in our pledge to both coordinate implementation and bear the consequences of our advice. Our key aim is to integrate the client/consultant relationship and promote united objectives, high standards and trust.

We have accrued an unparalleled understanding of many different sectors, affording us the scope to provide bespoke expertise to each family as their needs diversify
and evolve

More than anything, attempting to tackle any market without first understanding the issues at hand is too risky an endeavour for any business or individual in the present climate. What’s more, in a world where margins are arguably tighter than they ever have been, companies must turn to partners like Intercorp if only to better understand where competitive advantages can be had. These circumstances are myriad and can arise from business, social or political contexts. For example, the international mobility of assets and family members, the need to diversify and protect wealth, both now and for future generations, the growth and maturity of a family company. All of these particular situations trigger a sustained consideration of tax efficiency.

As a privately owned, high-level consulting firm, Intercorp provides clients with tax, estate planning and fiduciary structure solutions, in a bid to help them better understand whatever matter it is they’re facing. With a client base consisting of predominantly high-net-worth individuals and families, our objective is to educate our partners in how business operations can be influenced by both domestic and international legislation. We are advisors that see ourselves in alliance with the client, both unyieldingly liable and responsible for the advice we provide. And by working closely alongside major law firms, consultancies and professional services firms, we have been able to both commission and curate an impressive portfolio of tailored expertise. Intercorp Group offers global services and expert advice. Our team has direct access to a unique network of professionals around the world, that dedicate time to develop customised solutions, aiming to meet tax planning needs and asset preservation strategies for our clients.

Family affairs
Intercorp’s experience in dealing with families and businesses, predominantly of Brazilian origin, means that we have been able to build a clear picture of what it is our clients require when it comes to decisions concerning tax efficiency. Intercorp, therefore, becomes part of a consulting committee, contributing a deep multi-jurisdictional understanding to the complex opportunities and challenges clients may
face. Because of this, we have accrued an unparalleled understanding of many different sectors, affording us the scope to provide bespoke expertise to each family as their needs diversify and evolve.

Choosing not to offer one-size-fits-all solutions, as many are inclined to do so in the business, our objective is to broaden the client’s portfolio of options and find an approach that best fits their preferences, no matter how unique. Through our work with many successful and prosperous families, our consultants have developed a deep understanding of the tax systems throughout many jurisdictions across the globe. This expertise is consulted during each of our engagements, from personal estate planning to corporate restructuring of a family business. Intercorp Group provides counsel to clients who are looking to explore the benefits an international perspective may bestow upon their matters.

Whether it be international estate planning and succession, the protection of family businesses abroad, international investment structuring, asset protection, corporate restructuring, real estate investment or adapting to structural change, Intercorp is equipped to prepare any client with the tools they need to thrive. Our team has no allegiances or biases when it comes to the investments themselves, which puts us in a valuable and constructive position to advise objectively on the most suitable structures to sustain them. Our global network of professionals, bestowed with a wide variety of different expertise, allows us to consider and implement every available investment vehicle to yield bespoke, tax-efficient solutions and the best opportunity for returns.

An honest goal
Intercorp’s role is not to realise any set agenda, but only to expand the potential of wealth on the part of any client, and it is in this field above all else that we have proven our worth. Closely in keeping with this objective is a responsibility to protect any given client’s integrity and minimise their exposure to potentially damaging turns. Our focus on transparency and reciprocity, therefore, is of the utmost importance in building trust in what remains a highly competitive market.

While Intercorp Group is wholly owned
and independent, relationships and business agreements form our firm’s lifeblood. As a consultancy which advises on an international basis, business joint ventures for specific jurisdictions are pivotal in providing the best advice and outcomes for our clients. And in upholding these pillars of trust and responsibility, the client is made fully aware of their involvement in any given solution. Intercorp Group is meticulously honest and transparent about its capabilities, leveraging longstanding and trusted relationships
to provide solutions to clients in the most efficient way. We operate with the connections, relationships and fiduciary responsibility of acting on behalf of the client.

By dedicating a great deal of time and expertise to monitoring the latest legislative changes and any additional information that might be of interest to clients, Intercorp has fast become one of the most flexible and reliable consultancies in the field. Armed with a very specific knowledge of our clients’ dealings and of the regulations in corresponding jurisdictions, Intercorp, in practical terms, occupies a highly strategic position in the market. By expanding upon already-impressive client relations and building a well-earned reputation in this way, our firm is on course to one day become one of a limited few truly international tax consulting boutiques in the business.