The luxury travel brand collaborating with Thierry Henry

As the CEO of Kabuto, I have always believed that necessity is the mother of invention in the world of luggage design. Our journey at Kabuto has been guided by a relentless pursuit of innovation, driven by the diverse and specific needs of travellers worldwide.

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The collaboration with Thierry Henry has not only driven product innovation at Kabuto to make travel slicker and more enjoyable, but also strengthened the brand’s identity and market positioning.

With his timeless style, unrivalled travel experience and busy family life, Thierry Henry was the natural choice for us when seeking out a new shareholder. He is a shrewd businessman who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise and we are so pleased he has joined our business.

Partnering with Thierry Henry is more than just a collaboration – it is a meeting of minds rooted in real-world travel experiences. Thierry Henry’s extensive travel between London and Paris, coupled with his meticulous requirements for safely transporting suits and needing extra space, provided invaluable insights that shaped our latest offerings.

Thierry Henry perfectly embodies our ‘Dare to Expand’ vision, not only through his exceptional career but also through his mindset of freedom and staying true to personality and style. His intuitive understanding of style elevated the exterior design of our Kabuto x Thierry Henry expandable leather carry-on and trunk, seamlessly aligning with Kabuto’s vision and the profile of today’s discerning globetrotters.

His suits and clothes are the most important items in his luggage, and he always wants to ensure they arrive perfectly. That is why the collection was co-designed with the modern traveller in mind, drawing inspiration from his extensive travel experiences. The carry-on stands out as the most expandable suitcase globally with 50 percent more volume at just a zip and click, and features a signature Thierry Henry touch – a rotating hook on the handle for securing a hanger securely, ensuring suits stay in place.

It also includes touch-unlock fingerprint technology, silent all-terrain wheels, self-repairing zips, and a four-level telescopic handle, the tallest on the market. The trunk we co-designed with him is exceptionally lightweight, maximising packing capacity with nearly 100 litres of storage. It effortlessly transforms into a vertical wardrobe with fold-away shelves, offering the convenience of optional unpacking.

From the journey so far, the areas I have learnt most from the collaboration are:

1) Real-world insights: Thierry Henry’s specific travel needs, such as safely transporting suits and requiring extra space, have provided invaluable insights into the practical requirements of frequent travellers.

2) Elevated design aesthetics: Thierry Henry’s intuitive understanding of style has influenced the exterior design of the Kabuto x Thierry Henry collection, ensuring it resonates with the sophistication expected by modern travellers.

3) Innovative features: Collaborating with Thiery Henry has pushed Kabuto to expand our innovation even further, creating new technical features that elevate his classic style and set new benchmarks in luggage.

4) Aligned branding: Collaborating with Thierry Henry pushes us to continue to expand our vision in the competitive travel market.

5) Commitment to longevity: Introducing a lifetime guarantee with unlimited repair service reflects a shared commitment to quality and sustainability.

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