Top 10 unusual pastimes, and 10 top hobbies

It can be tough at the top, and as every chief-executive knows, the term "full-time" takes on an entirely different meaning. Time-off is often fleeting, so why do these CEOs chose to spend it in such an odd way?

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1.   Designing custom fireworks displays (Mike Workman, Pillar Data Systems, United States)

2.   Heli-skiing (Patrice Etlin, Advent International, Brazil)

3.   Studying military history (Naguid Kheraj. JP Morgan Cazenove UKn)

4.   Playing the trumpet (Kerry Killinger, Washington Mutual, United States)

5.   Flying a Second World War-vintage P-51 Mustang fighter (Eugene Mallett, Alpine Air, United States)

6.   Riding in long-distance horse races (Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem,  DP World, Dubai)

7.   River-cruising in a 1946 wooden boat (Barry Hibbert. Polestar, UJ)

8.   Studying Scottish history (Wilson Totten, ProStrakan, UK)

9.   Playing the cello (Carlo Scevola, Carlo Scevola & Partners, United States)

10.  Cattle roping and trail riding (Mike Petrie, Petrie & Associates, United States)

(Source: European CEO survey)

And the ten most popular CEO hobbies

1.    Golf    28%

2.    Reading    16%

3.    Listening to music    14%

4.    Playing cricket    13%

5.    Cooking    12%

6.    Fishing    9%

7.    Photography    8%

8.    Watching TV    6%

9.    Playing piano    6%

10.    Skiing    5%

(Source: European CEO survey)