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Discover what could quite possibly be the most discreet, liberating and rewarding holiday you will ever have

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If for you a holiday needs to deliver quality time with family or friends, take you away from the crowds, offer all the comforts of home, while still managing to tempt you with a world of adventure right on your doorstep, then you need to dip your toes into the warm and inviting waters of a luxury yacht charter.

Bespoke luxury
“There is no more bespoke, discreet or rewarding a holiday than that enjoyed on board a private luxury yacht,” says Annemarie Gathercole, Senior Charter Broker with leading yacht group Yachting Partners International (YPI). “You and your fellow guests get to enjoy the unique facilities and professional crew service onboard some of the world’s most renowned private yachts. Together with your broker, you can decide everything from where you want to go, the best yacht to match your holiday, the sort of food you want prepared by your own onboard chef, as well as being able to choose from such onboard extras as submarines, helicopters, jet-skis, jacuzzis, cinema lounges and even casinos. It is the ultimate in bespoke and lots of fun.”

Tanya Dovestky, a recent convert to yachting, discovered chartering through friends. “They used to race sailing yachts in regattas but one year they decided to charter a motor yacht, we joined them, and that was it. I was hooked. These yachts offer everything you would expect from only the top luxury resorts and islands,” she says. “But unlike resorts or cruise ships, here you have the whole yacht exclusively for yourself. And because you can change location when you want, every day offers something completely different.”

“Chartering covers all types of holiday experience,” says Annemarie. “Some guests charter to explore, sailing to unspoiled, exotic locations unreachable from land in parts of the South Pacific, Caribbean, South America and even Antarctica. Others prefer places like St Tropez on the French Riviera where they can soak up the ambience, play some golf, sail along the coast and around the islands, then enjoy the finest cuisine prepared onboard
especially for them.”

Switch off
The unparalleled level of privacy offered through chartering gives guests the chance to relax in ways they rarely find possible elsewhere. “People who charter are successful in life,” explains Captain Stephen Heads, a luxury yacht captain with over 20 years experience. “They work very hard and travel often, so time spent on holiday is precious.

Guests often tell us that those days or weeks on board are the only time they get to completely switch off and that’s something they cherish.”

“Chartering is definitely pampered luxury at its finest,” says Annemarie, “But it’s also being with the people you care for without the usual distractions. And it’s an opportunity to experience the world and nature in a way few ever can.”

But with all the luxuries and choices onboard, just how much does one extravagent yachting experience set you back?. “Anywhere from $50,000 a week to over $500,000,” explains Annemarie. “It depends on the yacht, where clients want to be and the number of crew. Most yachts sleep up to 12 people, so when shared the cost is often no different from staying in a luxury lodge or resort. However, the world it opens up, the experience you get to enjoy, leaves everything else way behind.”

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