Guglielmo Miani

Carrying the torch for Milan's fashion district, Larusmiami's CEO has shown innovation time and again

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Guglielmo Miami is not only the president of Associazione di via Montenapoleone – this flamboyant entrepreneur has also given Milan’s most fashionable street a new lease of life. He is the son of the founder of the famous Larusmiani clothing brand and today he is the CEO of the company.

For the people of Milan the name ‘Miani’ means one thing and one thing only: luxury tailoring. Every since Guglielmo’s grandfather opened the Larusmiami Concept Boutique many years ago at Via Montenapoleone 7, in the fashion centre of Milan, the Mianis have played a leading role in the world of sophisticated style. Their designs have become known as the epitome of quality, elegance and passion.

Guglielmo’s grandfather was a tailor by profession, but not just any ordinary tailor – he had that rare combination of talent and business acumen. His first store opened its doors in 1929 on Via Manzoni, and the first Via Montenapoleone boutique opened in 1954.

Guglielmo had to spend five years studying Finance and Entrepreneurship in Boston to become equipped with the necessary skills to take over the family company – which he did five years ago.

The store has recently been revamped to offer a virtually unparalleled shopping experience. Those who visit it today are taken on a memorable shopping trip amidst antique timepieces, rare books and beautiful fabrics. Perhaps the most exciting part of the store, however, is the ‘bespoke’ section, where an in-house tailor assists clients to choose the perfect fabrics, collars and cuffs.

Customers who have a jacket designed by Larusmiani will see a subtle symbol of a seagull embroidered on the inside – the Larus – which represents flight, freedom and the Miani family’s high ethical values.

A sure sign of the Mianis’ success in the highly competitive fashion industry of Milan is the fact that Guglielmo today employs more than 40 master tailors whose job it is to hand-stitch clothing from Larusmiani’s own exclusive range of fabrics – of which no less than 2 million metres are produced every year.

Guglielmo Miani is also taking his role as the President of the Via Montenapoleone Association – the business chamber of Montenapoleone Street – very seriously.  He was chosen as president nearly two years ago and already one can see vast improvements in the way the organisation is being managed.

During his presidency the number of Association members has grown from 18 to 60 – all of whom are committed to make Via Montenapoleone the prime location for visitors who want to experience the best in Milanese culture, design, art and fashion.

Guglielmo Miani has involved the Association in many annual events that bring thousands of people to Via Montenapoleone, both from Milan and from the international world of fashion. One of these is “La Vendemmia di Via Montenapoleone” – which transforms the high-end fashion shops and boutiques on this world-renowned street into wine cellars.
Another one is the Montenapoleone Design Experience- an annual event during which the whole street is turned into an open-air showcase for young designers with shop owners bringing out traditional pastries and champagne for celebration of ‘La Dolce Vita’ – the good life.