An experience fit for royalty

Royal Jet has clearly established itself as the global market-leading provider of award-winning business aviation products and services

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Its vast experience across the Middle East, as well as being the longest established operator in the UAE, has allowed Royal Jet to build a solid reputation for reliability and very high levels of quality service and operations that are founded on its hallmarks of safety, security, confidentiality, privacy and unsurpassed comfort.

With a pedigree that originates from the Amiri flight (now renamed the Presidential Flight Authority) – the official carrier of the UAE’s Royal Family, Royal Jet has taken off from such noble heritage into being the most sought after provider of luxury private jet charter to a long list of loyal customers that include royalty, dignitaries, government officials, CEOs, and celebrities.

Royal Jet’s product offering spans several operations including; luxury air charter services: Royal Jet Charter Brokerage, which provides travel solutions through sourcing the appropriate aircraft for charter through a network of carefully audited operators; Royal Jet Medical Evacuation Service, with state-of-the-art equipment and highly-qualified, skilled and dedicated medical professionals; aircraft management and acquisition consultancy aimed at delivering optimum returns; and its award-winning Fixed Base Operations (FBO) /VIP terminal at the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Constantly thriving to deliver a bespoke and personalised service that is both discrete and highly customised – making each and every flight, by its nature, unique – Royal Jet has embarked on an ambitious and aggressive five-year expansion and service enhancement plan. This includes a fleet expansion programme that is being implemented through significant investments on acquisition, refurbishment and aircraft management agreements. Royal Jet’s current fleet of aircraft includes six Boeing Business Jets, which makes it the world’s single largest independent BBJ operator; two mid-range Gulfstream 300s; a long-range Gulfstream IVSP; a Lear Jet 60 and an Embraer Lineage 1000.

Apart from meeting the steady growth in demand for large aircraft in both the VIP and the corporate jet sector in recent years, Royal Jet’s fleet of BBJ offers a different onboard experience that could almost be regarded as a chain of small boutique hotels. This includes the finest cuisine prepared and served by onboard private chefs and cutting-edge technology with unmatched comfort.

Now on its eighth year, Royal Jet’s relentless pursuit of product and service excellence has time and again been recognised by the industry. For three years in a row this year, the prestigious World Travel Awards has handed Royal Jet the ‘Middle East’s Leading Private Jet Charter Operator’ award. And, for four successive years, the same award giving body has bestowed Royal Jet with the ‘World’s Leading Private Jet Service’ award. Both awards serve as fitting testament to Royal Jet’s commitment of providing only the highest level of service excellence to today’s sophisticated business traveller.

Not resting on its laurels, Royal Jet has consistently spread its wings even wider across the world. In partnership with Maximus Air Cargo, the UAE’s largest dedicated cargo aircraft operator and sister company under the Abu Dhabi Aviation (ADA) Group, it launched its sales office at Stansted Airport that further enhanced its presence in the UK and European markets.

For more information please contact Desirée Martis – Sales Manager – Europe, Russia and Central Asia, Royal Jet Tel: +44 (0) 1279 681227 or email