Broker’s gravity force

In most people's minds Forex currency market is no longer seen as a top secret financier's weapon or a clandestine society of progressive investors…

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Moreover, Forex is neither a mortgage programme with all pitfalls incidental to it, nor even a stock market, the only instruments of influence on which for a private investor are prayers and faith. Nowadays, Forex can definitely be called the most accessible, intuitively clear, independent and stable financial market. At Forex there are no transaction approvals, no pauses between quote rates updates, no third party, affecting your trading strategy; there is nobody but a trader and four trillion US dollars daily.

During the global crisis, when real estate markets and stocks were downfalling, industrial output was reducing, the only article of trade at Forex market, i.e. money, grew more and more expensive and its liquidity was increasing.

With every coming day, the number of traders across the world is escalating. The amount of brokers providing services of Forex access is expanding correspondingly. Several thousands of brokers across the world are in business at present. Among abundant offers there can be fraudsters, facing them means loosing both all initial funds, and a desire to trade ever after.

Nevertheless, in order to keep out of such hardships it is barely needed to choose your first and as it often happens, your regular broker carefully. Making initial selection of a broker or changing it, the preference should be given to the company which is not a mono-broker with a limited range of services and instruments, but to prominent international Forex brokers- members of polysegmental company groupings. Not more than a dozen of such brokers are functioning currently, which in their turn can be compared to giant planets, possessing a lot of satellites (the companies supporting major activity) and also gravity (significant marketing and PR resources) strong enough to attract multiple traders and partners.

One of the giant planets is InstaForex, the international on-line Forex broker, which unites plenty of companies, operating in different segments of financial markets. InstaForex is targeted to provide the utmost broad range of services to satisfy all the requirements of a trader or an IB –partner within one companies group. InstaForex broker is a core element of the group, which comprises the firms supporting its activity by rendering sub-services to its clients and partners. Hence, the InstaForex client can not only be sure of his broker’s reliability and professionalism, but also of finding everything to meet his demands as a trader in one company grouping.

In addition to probably the best trading conditions at the market, InstaForex Company offers its clients a unique set of instruments: segregated accounts, VIP accounts, PAMM accounts, US cent accounts, the system of spread refund- InstaRebate, numerous contests and campaigns with the annual prize fund amounting to over 300 000 USD etc.

A complex approach to InstaForex services performance has already turned effective: over 140,000 traders from 60 countries of the world are the company’s clients; the representative offices are situated in 23 countries, inclusive of the USA, Malaysia, India, China, the Netherlands and Germany; summarising the results of the year 2009, InstaForex Company was awarded ‘Best Broker Asia’ (by World Finance magazine), was entitled the most dynamically developing broker in the world (by CNBC Business) and the Best Broker in Russia  2009 (exhibitional brand ShowFX World 2009).

So, what satellites make up the InstaForex planetary system? Along with a broker InstaForex, InstaForex Companies Group includes: InstaMediaGroup which is a multifunctional media agency; the television channel Insta-TV; InstaRebate – a service of spread refund; a sound portal for traders; an educational project for traders InstaFxEducation, where all essential information about Forex trading is posted; Miss InstaForex Asia beauty contest; the Internet shop of Forex EAs and indicators, as well as other projects, capable to educate a novice trader into a real professional of currency trading.

Thus, InstaForex Company is your own Forex Universe, where in addition to the international broker of a high status and reliable business reputation you can find a full scale of instruments, services and special facilities for Forex trading.