Keeping business on track

With top transport links, cost-efficient utilities and a serene backdrop courtesy of the Rocky Mountains, Montana Connections Business Development Park has everything necessary for business and industry to grow

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Montana Connections Business Development Park is an ideal strategic hub for industries and companies seeking to expand their reach and add capacity to everyday business. Categorised as a mega park, it offers ample land and industry-friendly zoning in a magnificent location, nestled at the foothills of the Montana Rockies. Desirable destinations in North America are only a day away by car or rail and the rest of the world can be accessed through efficient delivery to international ports or via your fingertips with cutting-edge technology.

Transportation links
The park allows businesses to take full advantage of the significant benefits that the North American Crossroads have to offer. It is conveniently situated at the intersection of I-90 and I-15 interstates and both the BNSF and Union Pacific Class I railways. This allows distribution from Seattle to Boston and Canada to the Mexican border, which is all expedited through Butte-Silver Bow.

In just one day shipments reach out from this hub for business, industry and manufacturing to major market centres such as Calgary, Salt Lake City, Spokane, Seattle, Las Vegas, San Diego and Minneapolis. Numerous other locations are also a straight shot on the two freeway corridors that stretch north, south, east and west from the park’s centralised location.

Tax increment district
Montana law enables local governments to use tax revenue for development and redevelopment activities, as well as to pay for public infrastructure needs or projects. Butte-Silver Bow’s Tax Increment District (TID) financial support can help with adding capacity, building facilities, and progressing with site development. Funds are also available to help qualified candidates. Assistance levels are based on total project investment and jobs that the project will create.

Transportation, warehousing and distribution services are readily available through the Port of Montana. This offers a dynamic range of advantages for business, from storage, certified scales and distribution, to transload, inventory management and many further possibilities.

Ins and outs
As a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), the park eliminates costs on import and export duties. In addition foreign goods can be stored for an unlimited length of time without inventory tax. This enables importers to import and hold goods until the best price can be obtained in the US market. Products manufactured in the FTZ using foreign materials may be exported again without any import duty being assessed. This concludes to increase in efficiency and effectiveness in terms of storage, security and delivery of goods.

FedEx, the global leader in express distribution and delivery, is a shining example of one of the Montana Connections Business Development Park’s greatest success stories. FedEx’s $8m shipping transfer centre was completed in August 2011. The 67-door transfer facility is used as a gateway service centre for shipments to and from Canada as well as a regional relay facility. The 45,000sq ft building and accompanying site development were made possible in part due to support from the Butte-Silver Bow TID in the form of a $550,000 grant. Other businesses to take advantage of Montana Connections include SeaCast, REC Silicon, Scoular Grain and Old Dominion. And, as the park grows and attracts more businesses it can only go from strength to strength.

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