Tailor-made: Maura Wasescha’s real estate services

Real estate is much more than a sales industry, which is something that Maura Wasescha embodies with her agency's luxury portfolio of properties

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Maura Wasescha's luxury real estate services are tailored to each customer

If you are looking for a luxury property to rent or buy in the world’s finest locations, you cannot afford to ignore Maura Wasescha or her real estate agency of the same name, which is said to make dreams come true with innovative interior design.

Whether you’re looking for a cosy chalet in the Swiss mountains, an extraordinary villa in Italy, a manor in Mallorca or the perfect penthouse in Miami, Maura, along with the independent network that she has been building up for years, has the perfect address for every customer’s need.

The tenets of her success are simple: absolute confidentiality and respect for others. With her keen intuition, emotional involvement and unsurpassed service she provides VIPs with the utmost sense of comfort in their holiday properties. Because for Maura, taking care of the client means to incorporate humanism. Where nowadays the real estate sector has often turned into a sales industry, the luxury service of Maura Wasescha is like an artisan’s boutique where true tailor-made perfection can be found.

The art of luxury
Today, customers are looking for a partner they can trust fully. At the same time they are also looking for someone who gives them time. Time to be heard and also time they can invest, safe in the knowledge that there is a team with excellent contacts working for them in the background, ensuring direct contacts to find that something special and make the impossible possible.

A place of luxury: Maura Wasescha's luxury real estate agency has properties in locations including Miami, Switzerland and Italy
A place of luxury: Maura Wasescha’s real estate agency has properties in locations including Miami, Switzerland and Italy

On the wall of her St Moritz office Maura has had an artist reproduce a mural of the Brooklyn Bridge with the skyline of New York in the background. “I am the bridge,” she says of herself and her work. “A bridge is something lively, it’s crowded and it is exposed to turbulence, but it is still very solid.” Linking people and ways of life are part of her mission, which she pursues every day with passion and with a smile on her lips. She acts as a bridge between those who sell and those who buy real estate, between those who let and those who rent exclusive properties, trying to satisfy both.

A house is like a second skin and needs to be selected carefully

For Maura, who was born in Italy and has worked in Switzerland for almost four decades, the bridge between good Italian taste and Swiss perfection laid the foundations for a real estate agency that rents and sells luxury properties in the most exclusive spots in the world. Today, this initial idea has been expanded by the service called Finding Properties Worldwide’ which is more and more sought-after. Finding the perfect place has to do with emotions. And sometimes an initial idea does not correspond to what someone really wants or is craving. “Interviewing the client thoroughly at the very beginning is paramount to my work,” she says.

Her modus operandi is inspired by eastern philosophies, such as those found in the book Zen in the Art of Archery by Eugen Herrigel, The Diamond Cutter by Geshe Michael Roach, Shaolin by Bernhard Moestl as well as all books by Paulo Coelho and Deepak Chopra.

“I ask my customer to dedicate between half and an entire day of their time for an interview, during which his or her ideas and desires will be crystallised,” says Maura. “I go and meet them in a place where they feel comfortable, and where I can talk to them in person without any mediators. For me, this last aspect is a conditio sine qua non – it is indispensable. If I cannot talk to a customer face-to-face, I will never be able to find the object of their dreams. Only by respecting this can hidden desires emerge from beneath the veil of convention. It is comparable to archery. Like the shooter who focuses on the target, I only release the arrow when I know it will hit the bull’s eye. It’s an almost foolproof method,” ensures Maura. “I guarantee a 99 percent positive outcome.”

An emotional connection
Taking into consideration state-of-the-art research in the fields of healthy living, feng-shui and life coaching, her customers can be sure that they receive the ultimate in comfort, respecting the laws of wellbeing and health. A house is like a second skin and needs to be selected carefully. But like the skin is strongly influenced by the inside of a human being, the interior design of a property is as important as the place itself. It is for that very reason Maura’s interior design consultancy is highly acclaimed, among both new buyers and existing customers.

This not only applies to finding properties, but is also important in the area of rentals. Maura aims to fulfil every desire of the customer, even the most particular, starting from a starred chef to a multilingual ski instructor. Her agency takes care of even the smallest detail during the stay of a client: staff, services, personal wishes. Better than in a luxury hotel and with the guarantee of total discretion and confidentiality.

Maura Wasescha provides guests with the utmost sense of comfort in their luxury properties
Maura Wasescha provides guests with the utmost sense of comfort in their luxury properties

“The greatest satisfaction is to see a customer leaving St Moritz and no-one has realised that he or she stayed there,” she says. “It is a challenge but that’s what my customers want. To feel safe and in peace, so that in many cases they even leave the bodyguard at home.”

Eastern influence
She has perfected this sense of wellbeing over the years by attending the best schools for training and coaching in Italy, Germany, the US and by following the teachings of the philosophies and religions of the east. An original fusion between different worlds, already successfully implemented in the world of gastronomy. However, it is something that has not yet really found its way into the world of business.

“The spark for my passion for the East was revealed 22 years ago when I was going to lose my son because of a misdiagnosis,” says Maura. “In the oriental medicines I found the way to heal him and then started to deepen the knowledge of that world. The way I pursue my work is like the way of my life, which evolves over time.”

Hand-in-hand with Maura works a team of professionals (notaries, lawyers, architects, interior designers, accountants, tax consultants etc.) selected over the years. The relationship with them is a true symbiosis, ensuring that the services offered by Maura cover every angle and offer the ultimate living experience.

For further information email consulting@maurawasescha.com