IndoChine Group: Environmentally-friendly luxury

IndoChine Group aims to provide environmentally-friendly luxury in stylish venues around the world

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IndoChine Group has had its fair share of obstacles, but it has overcome them with determination and an indomitable spirit to establish its unique, salubrious concept, which is quintessential to the disposition of the IndoChine Group. Along with this concept and a passionate drive to help the environment, IndoChine aims to convey its message of a holistic lifestyle within the distinguished decor of their 21 venues in Singapore, Jakarta, Phuket and Hamburg, which offer a blend of rich traditions, culture and heritage of Indochina.

The first IndoChine outlet opened at Club Street in 1999. Since then, IndoChine has expanded at a steady pace to Empress Place in 2001, Holland Village in 2002, Wisma Atria in 2003, and finally Clarke Quay in 2004, where most of the IndoChine parties are held.

The inspirational figure behind all this success, Michael Ma, intends to keep taking steps forward, and he is constantly seeking improvement and predicting the next step in order to stay ahead of the game. IndoChine reaches out with intent to identify the needs of consumers and enhance the service given to customers. Having started out with a restaurant and bar, IndoChine has extended its resources into the hospitality sector with resort and boutique hotels, and a service that is currently exclusive to the Lotus Limousine brand in Singapore: super stretch limousines.

What IndoChine cares about
Michael Ma is an influential leader who makes an extra effort in developing a consciousness surrounding the social and environmental aspects of the business. He believes that one must always be observant of one’s surroundings, and keep a sharp mind to the changes that are happening so that these changes can be translated to undertake the challenge of creating a working concept.

IndoChine serves nutraceutical cuisine and has stayed true to the environment-centric values it has adopted from its inception by not serving foods from endangered and near-endangered lists – such as shark’s fin soup, blue fin and yellow fin tuna and caviar in its restaurants. It is with hope that if they continue to fight for the endangered species of marine life, IndoChine can encourage and convince other restaurants in Singapore to stop serving these dishes.

At the same time, IndoChine commits to environmental sustainability by collaborating with organisations such as the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Together, they hold the annual Green Festival filled with entertainment and talented artists every year to raise money to aid in efforts to raise environmental awareness.

In their restaurants, IndoChine uses Quantum Heat Exchange Systems where the heat discharged from the air conditioning compressors are channelled to provide hot water.

With such effort and motivation, Michael Ma has earned numerous accolades for his leadership and entrepreneurship and, more specific to his passion, a Green Leadership Award in 2010.

One foot in the door of one of IndoChine’s restaurants will send you straight to Indochina.  Michael Ma brought along memories of his childhood in Laos and realised them into the concept that is now known as IndoChine. The opulent décor, personally designed by the man himself, is assumed across the four different venues in Singapore.

Each location, however, has its own unique design and character that brings together an atmosphere that puts one at ease. Each concept is presented to the visitor as an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic blend of a modern and contemporary Asian concept. The cultural designs of the establishments are also seen in the comfortable and cosy bars where one can enjoy an unforgettable experience in a perfect entertainment destination.

Future opportunities
With a dynamic industry that matches the personality of CEO Michael Ma, who lives his life with creativity and ambition, IndoChine sees itself expanding into the hospitality industry with resorts in Singapore and other parts of Asia. IndoChine is, to its customers, a brand synonymous with luxury lifestyle and aspiration. A lifestyle filled with cuisine that indulges the senses, entertaining parties perfect for a stress-free evening and accommodation designed to create a world filled with leisure and luxury for the guest to delve into. Maintaining constant innovation in this industry, IndoChine Restaurants will soon make its mark in more countries, moving and growing with the needs of the consumers. The only thing that completes the entire luxury package when you wine, dine and stay at their resorts is the opportunity to ride in their super stretch limousines. The capacity of the market for super stretch limousines is limitless as demand for premium transport increases. There will always be a reason to drive in style and luxury to corporate functions, VIP airport transfers, birthday parties, weddings and many other occasions.

In the midst of building a successful business, IndoChine manages to maintain a balance by making it a priority to give back to the environment in every possible way that they can. Today, there are consistent changes in technology, which provides an opportunity to better support and better manage their equipment. This means that it is even more possible to stay on top of the game and utilise the costs so that more resources can be allocated to focus on the external factors that affect the business, such as the environment.