Disneyland for grown-ups

Disneyland Paris is not only a great family destination, it is a state-of-the-art business destination, equipped with cutting-edge professional facilities

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Disneyland Paris consists of a number of theme parks in the outskirts of Paris. In fact, Disneyland Paris is Europe’s largest business tourism destination; an accolade garnered from its extensive meeting and leisure facilities. The aim of the venue is to provide the most suitable atmosphere in which professional groups can meet and do business effectively.

The facilities are also conveniently located within 35 minutes of Paris, with an in-sight Euro-star station, TGV&RER terminal, and it is less than 15 minutes from the Paris Charles de Gaulle airports

As well as the theme park, where business travellers can go to relax after challenging meetings, the complex offers two convention centres, 23,300 m² of modular meeting areas, and 95 meeting rooms. The theme park is also available for private hire, and has proved popular for team building excursions and staff parties. There are also 58 restaurants in the facility offering a range of specialised cuisines.

Clear-cut benefits
Companies can benefit immensely from the site, as well as save on costs by having all parties participating in the business event gathered in the same location. “All facilities are integrated,” says Eloi Courcoux, director of Business Solutions for Disneyland Paris. “Our human-scale environment allows each participant to take full advantage of your event.” As the staff at Disneyland Paris has over 20 years of experience in the business sphere, they offer intelligent coordination between all hotels, meeting and conference facilities and restaurants.

The facilities are also conveniently located within 35 minutes of Paris, with an in-sight Euro-star station, TGV&RER terminal, and it is less than 15 minutes from the Paris Charles de Gaulle airports. This ensures that international events can be convenient for all participants, as well as easily accessible. “At 35 minutes from Roissy airport, Disneyland Paris is the perfect destination for EMEA companies,” says Courcoux.

In the interest of providing companies with the highest levels of convenience, Business Solutions Disneyland Paris will often assign a dedicated events manager for each company event or conference that is in charge of liaising with the client, and ensuring that the events run as successfully as possible. “We have more than 200 specialists on site to assist in the smooth-running of any event, ranging from caterers to audio-visual technicians and security agents,” explains Courcoux.

Individualised solutions
“Our job is to provide all of our clients with tailor-made or turnkey solutions and create a unique and unforgettable event,” he says. “Each day our teams pool their know-how to come up with solutions that will delight all event participants.

But this being Disneyland Paris, no event would be complete without a dose of light-hearted entertainment, which will no doubt make any business event memorable. According to Courcoux, Business Solutions offers evening entertainment for up to 25,000 guests, which can include themed evenings at the Disneyland Paris Theme Park, gala dinners as well as full use of all the leisure facilities available at the Park. Business travellers and event participants are able to enjoy a 27-hole golf-course, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, all-year-round synthetic ice skating rink, tennis courts, fitness centres with sauna, steam room, modelling, Jacuzzis, sun beds and much more.

Business Solutions Disneyland Paris also ensures that companies get the most out of their investment by offering a wide array of incentive products and unique gifts, such as annual passports and entrance tickets to any of the Parks, gift vouchers and Disney Hotel breaks. Above all, the Business Solutions Disneyland Paris team work to ensure that all business events held at the facilities are not only as productive and efficient as possible, but that all participants’ hard work and dedication can be rewarded with some fun and light-hearted enjoyment.