Swarovski reinvents corporate gifts

A new range of exclusive corporate and lifestyle gift collections is set to redefine the limits of crystal embellishment

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Everything is better when studded with crystals - form is as important as function

For the past 121 years, Swarovski has honed its expertise in premium craftsmanship, technological innovation and marketing to become the global leader in cut crystal and fashion jewellery, recognised worldwide for its distinctive style and superior quality. Swarovski collaborates with a worldwide network of designers, artists, distributors and sales partners. Swarovski crystal has long played an important role in the fashion world, and the company is setting out to conquer new fields, one of which is the corporate gifts business. By combining trend, production and distribution expertise, Swarovski offers a fresh approach to this exciting field.

Choosing gifts for clients and co-workers calls for careful attention to achieve that elusive mix of thoughtfulness, uniqueness and appropriateness. Since 2012, Swarovski Gift Collections has offered a range partly exclusively available through the Swarovski Corporate Gift Channel. This range is continuously extended with surprising pieces that incorporate new trends and innovations.

Legendary quality
Swarovski’s business partners benefit greatly from the reputation, quality and market expertise of the brand. Swarovski enjoys significant levels of brand recognition, meaning consumers either know or would recognise the brand, thanks to Swarovski’s prominent retail presence worldwide, as well as the company’s continued collaboration with renowned luxury designers. However, Swarovski is much more than just a good name; the company provides a reliable, flexible and fast service, with an international reach.

Swarovski corporate gifts radiate glamour and luxury and, with their unique elegance, will enhance customers’ brands, because giving something precious reflects most positively on the giver. Incidentally, the exclusivity of Swarovski gift solutions does not necessarily imply a high price point. The Swarovski Branded Collection features, twice a year, a spectacular range of pieces for every lifestyle, including stylish jewellery ensembles, crystallised items for the home, and sparkling festive décor.

With its growing success in Europe, Swarovski decided to extend its assortment to different areas, such as the affordable product range, exclusive collections, new hi-tech and lifestyle products, and customisable solutions that should please any recipient.

Heavenly embellishment

One of the premium high-performing ranges developed to fill these needs is the fashionable and functional Modern Leather Collection. Designed in Paris and made from superb Italian leather, the range is crafted and hand-stitched in Spain’s Andalusia region, which is famous for its rich heritage of artisanal leatherwork. This styling brings a contemporary twist to classic chic, offering an on-trend unisex look and the kind of day-to-night versatility that is the essence of modern design. The collection features stylish pieces, including card wallets for men and women, iPad sleeves, tote bags and notebooks. Moreover, the leather collection carries the Swarovski logo embossed on the front as an assurance of premium quality, and is delivered in the iconic blue box.

Choosing gifts for clients and co-workers calls for careful attention to achieve that elusive mix of thoughtfulness, uniqueness and appropriateness

Picking up on the move towards lifestyle essentials and hi-tech products that are not just premium, stylish and affordable, but also practical, Swarovski developed the new trendy White Collection. Featuring lifestyle items such as a crystallised power bank, a sleek Bluetooth speaker for crystal clear sound, and a sparkling make-up pouch all embellished with crystals from Swarovski, it’s a collection that has proved to be an easy way to make someone happy.

The Swarovski White Collection is immediately identifiable by its polished gift box presentation, graceful swan branding and subtle crystal embellishment. It has made choosing presents easier than ever before. Glamorous, appropriate, and priced from €19-29, whether for colleagues and employees, or clients and business partners, the premium feel of Swarovski’s particularly special lifestyle accessories from the White Collection makes them perfect gifts every time. Updated with surprising new pieces that are affordably priced and perfect for every occasion, the Swarovski White Collection can be purchased exclusively through the Corporate Gift Channel.

Sublime grace
These trends aside, fashionable products with an established brand name are also in demand. This is why the young and fresh collection lolaandgrace was launched. It is the easy-to-wear fashion jewellery brand that suits every gift-giving occasion. It offers a creative range of styles, from feminine classics to cutting-edge contemporary looks. Crafted using high-quality materials and embellished with Swarovski crystals, there’s a broad spectrum of colours and cuts, offering something for every wardrobe, as well as every gift-giving occasion. Four striking jewellery ranges characterise lolaandgrace’s autumn/winter 2016 collection: Shine Bright, featuring a full spectrum of vibrant colours; Be Glamorous, for classic elegance; Keep it Simple, for everyday accessorising; and Love Your Style, offering delicate filigree pieces and a selection of beautiful hearts. Suitable for all life’s moments, lolaandgrace jewellery offers perfect pieces to give or to keep.

When it comes to giving and receiving, gifts with a personal touch are always valued more highly. So, it’s reassuring to know that the Customisable Collection has added stylish new gift items to its range of Swarovski crystal-embellished accessories for home and office. Each can be personalised with a logo or message that’s appropriate to the recipient – perfect as a gesture of thanks to valued employees, a token of appreciation for business partners following a successful project, or simply to mark a festive occasion.

Swarovski is working to boost its market presence, and aims to continue doing so in the future. Besides fairs, Swarovski is also taking part in B2B networking events to promote the company’s assortment and network to a targeted audience of decision makers, including HR directors, reward managers and training managers, who are actively looking for premium services.

Swarovski’s stylish, crystal-embellished gift range offers everyday pleasure for colleagues, employees, clients and business partners. Updated with surprise additions throughout the year, this is gift giving made easy, bringing sparkle to everyday life.