Many locations in the US offer competitive tax breaks, while others draw clients and talent through infrastructure or natural beauty. Few places, however, offer all these things as a complete package

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New Hampshire stands out from the northeast crowd when it comes to business attraction. There are a number of reasons why C-level executives choose locations here to do business. Quality of life is important, but only if the potential site meets the critical business needs of your firm. The question is: why settle for second-best, when you can have it all in Rochester, New Hampshire?

People and place
Many communities talk about available workforce and unemployment rates. The Rochester area doesn’t have high unemployment. There is a highly skilled and productive employee base at work right now. The pipeline from our many education and training programmes into your firm will ensure that you attract highly skilled workers and have decades of skilled employees to come. High-cost states like Maine and Massachusetts are within an easy commute to the city, and residential relocation opportunities abound. With such infrastructure in place, you can guarantee your firm the employees it needs.

When considering relocation options, it is important to protect your firm’s hard-earned profits by choosing a location with reasonable and clearly
defined costs

Speaking of infrastructure, many firms looking to expand can start to feel boxed in, without room to grow. Rochester has eight business parks, with plenty of available and affordable land for new construction. Your state-of-the-art facility will join other advanced manufacturers in an environment of expansion and vitality. Real estate development is an important component of the city’s future. We welcome new construction and job growth. Land use regulation is streamlined to give your firm a predictable path to approval, which you and your bank will appreciate. In Rochester, you can give your firm the facility it needs for the future.

Money matters
When considering relocation options, it is important to protect your firm’s hard-earned profits by choosing a location with reasonable and clearly defined costs. New Hampshire is the only state in the north-east of the US to be ranked in the top level for its supportive tax climate by the Tax Foundation.

What’s more, Rochester hosts six Economic Revitalization Zones, offering corporate tax credits to expanding firms. R&D tax credits have been issued to 166 firms statewide, with 3,090 workers trained with training grants and 66 percent of grants going to manufacturers. This provides a real opportunity to increase your bottom line by keeping costs low and credits high.

With states like Texas and California attracting a lot of business, some companies believe that there are too many barriers to entry in the north-east of the US. However, a Rochester facility means you can reach most of the region in half a day, and Boston in one hour. Furthermore, Rochester has a variety of ways to receive your materials and to ship your products to market, including a four-lane divided highway connecting to the I-95, active freight rail infrastructure, a local airport with a 5,000-foot runway, and deep-water ports in New Hampshire and Boston.

Innovate to improve
Creativity and competitiveness mean a lot to the future of most modern enterprises. In the current volatile business environment, your location has to work for you and not against you. New Hampshire regularly achieves the highest levels of performance in rankings for such vital things as quality of life, education, low crime rates, living standards and health. Indeed, the Beacon Hill Institute ranks New Hampshire third in the US for both competitiveness and the ability to sustain long-term economic growth.

Minutes to the ocean, mountains and lakes, Rochester is an outdoor-lover’s paradise, conveniently located with access to everything. With such natural benefits, you can truly attract talent to your Rochester-based firm just because of where it is. If this sounds great to you, contact Rochester’s economic development professionals for a confidential discussion of your firm’s workforce, real estate and business needs.