Lanarkshire hosts the most innovative businesses in Scotland

As the Scottish economy thrives, some of the country’s districts are going beyond the call of duty to bring lasting investment

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New Lanark, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the banks of Lanarkshire’s River Clyde

Lanarkshire, at the heart of Scotland’s economic central belt, is alive with a diversity of growth, business activity and economic opportunity.

The local government administrations responsible for the area, North and South Lanarkshire Councils, have launched a new web portal to ensure that potential investors have the ability to tap into a solid support system, focused on facilitating inward investment and area-wide economic growth. focuses on encouraging more companies to come to Lanarkshire in the key industry sectors which we see as having the greatest growth potential. So what makes the difference between investing here or in another location?

Lanarkshire boasts a number of expanding industries

We recognise that employment creation depends on building links between investors and local firms, as well as other key partners in the fields of government, skills and training provision, research and development (including universities), and our local business support networks.

Our experience of successfully attracting businesses from outside Lanarkshire is built upon key policies which encourage and support our existing local firms to become suppliers to those moving into the area. Assisting investors to source the products and services they need from Lanarkshire-based companies helps grow both the investor’s business and those businesses already established in Lanarkshire.

Key sectors
Due in large part to our excellent location, transport infrastructure and available pool of skilled labour, Lanarkshire boasts a number of expanding industries. In construction, from major international players to small specialist contractors and suppliers, over 2,000 sector-related companies are located in Lanarkshire, employing over 19,000 people. Lanarkshire is also a growing energy hub, and currently generates enough renewable energy to power over 450,000 homes. We have the ideal climate conditions for generating renewable energy, and we are home to Europe’s largest onshore renewable energy project. What’s more, Lanarkshire is home to BioCity Scotland – the premier location for life sciences companies in Scotland. With its state-of-the-art laboratories, access to shared services, business support and investment, BioCity Scotland is a hot house for growing life sciences talent.

Food and drink is a key contributor to the Scottish economy, with a growing prominence across the spectrum. From artisan produce to large-scale food processing, Lanarkshire has one of the most diverse food landscapes in the UK. The region is a key driver within Scotland’s £9.8bn food and drink sector, and supports over 6,600 jobs. Furthermore, the Lanarkshire region has a higher number of companies involved in logistics than any other area of Scotland. Our superb central location and excellent connectivity has created over 13,000 jobs in this sector. Lanarkshire is also an integral part of the £1.13bn City Deal investment programme, aimed at improving and developing transport and business infrastructure across the Glasgow and Clyde Valley area.

Finally, Lanarkshire is rich in its variety and quality of visitor attractions. The area offers a wealth of places to visit and things to do. As well as beautiful scenery for walking, cycling and other outdoor pursuits, Lanarkshire has something for everyone. Currently, an estimated six million visits are made to the area annually, contributing around £362m to the local economy and employing over 10,000 people.

The added touch
At we recognise that ongoing support services must be in place for our new investors. We can provide and coordinate this through a range of local and national partners. From expert advice on site location, tailored business support, assistance with training and workforce recruitment, and identification of supply chain partners, right through to advice on changes to government policy and regulation, we recognise that aftercare services to business are not only crucial in helping companies decide to come to Lanarkshire, but also to grow their investment, develop their business and continue their investment in the medium to long term.