Navigating the high-net-worth tax universe with Intercorp

Tax providers must focus their analysis on the unique demands of their clients if they are to find success in the high and ultra-high-net-worth marketplace

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Intercorp invests time and energy into understanding high-net-worth client’s unique requirements, as well as evaluating their complex, multidisciplinary and global needs

As a Brazilian national growing up in a country with a booming economy, I witnessed first-hand the expansion of Brazil’s high and ultra-high-net-worth population. Brazil has a very complex tax system and, when the economy began to falter in the late 2000s, it caused further confusion and uncertainty. As a person with more than 20 years of tax compliance experience, wherein I have dealt with the complex and increasingly international needs of my clients, I identified the need to provide clarity and stability in a time of disorder.

Using my knowledge of international tax regulations and the unique needs of ultra-high-net-worth individuals, I developed a business that provides global solutions for individuals and their international business interests: Intercorp Group. At Intercorp Group, we listen to our clients’ needs, investing time to truly analyse and understand their requirements, while also anticipating future trends to advise on international and cross-border issues.

Intercorp Group acts as a bridge between the process-driven corporate consultancy world and the real human needs of individual clients

Regardless of the challenges, we use our depth of experience and our global network of partners to advise our clients on the best course of action. Over the years, I have nurtured relationships, developing a level of confidence and trust that helps my clients reach a successful
resolution. From tax advice to relocation support, we make sure everything runs smoothly.

Controlling chaos
Everyone has their own comfort zone of professional capacity. While an emergency hospital might, on the surface, seem like a hectic place, it’s the natural environment for an ER doctor. At Intercorp Group, we thrive on the chaotic environment of the international tax world – it’s in our DNA.

For more than 20 years, we have been committed to building the trust and relationships required to deliver first-class consultancy services. Our unrivalled experience and knowledge, coupled with our diverse network of business connections, has equipped Intercorp Group with the capacity to meet any challenge, no matter what obstacle stands in the way of success.

Our mission is to help the world’s most successful entrepreneurs navigate the high-net-worth universe in which they now find themselves. We offer a wide lens approach to strategy consulting. We invest time and energy into understanding the client’s unique requirements and evaluating their complex, multidisciplinary and global needs. Then, putting this into context with the latest intelligence from the global financial and legal environment, we recommend the most efficient approach to fulfil those needs.

In a complex environment of lawyers, tax consultants, family relocation specialists and asset managers, Intercorp Group streamlines the process, giving clients a single point of contact, as well as access to the world’s best minds across all specialisms. As rapid change becomes an increasingly common feature of the modern world, clients need a partner that is capable of adapting to the shifting conditions of multiple jurisdictions, while remaining consistent and reliable as a source of valuable, transparent and truly independent advice.

Clients rarely engage us for single-issue solutions or off-the-shelf products. More often than not, clients will come to us with a much broader, general demand that requires us to focus on the bigger picture. As such, we work most effectively in long-term partnerships where clients feel comfortable enough to grant us a high level of autonomy when making decisions on their behalf.

Bridging the gap
Our consultants act as a bridge between the process-driven corporate consultancy world and the real human needs of individual clients. Put simply, we become the client on behalf of the client, identifying the right questions rather than professing to have all the answers. We search for the best specialists available and then coordinate the most efficient way to execute the client’s requirements. Intercorp Group assumes responsibility for playing the role of its client, adopting its needs and objectives, as well as managing the potential risks to which the client may be exposed.

Intercorp’s capacity to give advice based on current and predicted economic trends has set a benchmark for the consulting world

Often, consultancies will provide answers to questions according to their specialism – be it tax efficiency, succession planning or fiduciary structures. Intercorp Group, however, will understand the reason why that advice is being sought, and ensure the right questions are being posed to yield the best outcome.

Our experience across many different sectors allows us to mine intelligence from a range of disciplines and filter it into our counsel. Thanks to our vast network, which spans across multiple jurisdictions, we have a sharp and truly global grasp of both the current and forecast economic climate. Our capacity to give advice based on current and predicted economic trends has set a benchmark for the consulting world.

The bigger picture

Intercorp Group was originally founded as a tax consultancy firm. While our scope of services is now much broader, this heritage compelled us to develop a deep understanding of our clients – everything from investment structures to interpersonal relationships. No strategic advice is given without a complete and thorough immersion. We see the whole picture and can act faster than most, appreciating the consequences of each decision on all aspects of the client’s business.

Based on that intelligence – regarding both the client and the landscape – we can provide efficient advice built on what we believe the law is going to say, how we believe governments will behave and how we anticipate trends will develop over time. This is far more beneficial than simply basing advice on what the law says at this moment in time.

Our understanding of the client allows us to speak their language, elevating their frame of reference to appreciate a more global perspective. We also know how to speak the language of the professional services industries, allowing our clients to talk openly about their desired outcomes, unencumbered by legal jargon.

Further, we have access to a network of specialists, carefully built through reputation and personal experience. This network includes several hundred strategic partners, all quality-assured, checked and vetted. This network model is rare and effective, helping us to bypass corporate competition and ensure clients always receive advice from the best expert in any given field.

Ultimately, Intercorp Group is built on the idea that consultancies should remain loyal and responsible to their clients. In an unpredictable financial world, such a service is becoming more and more vital.