IndoChine Group: Entertainment in the East

Since 1999, IndoChine Group has been continuously expanding and refreshing its unique, holistic brand of Indo-Chinese cuisine across its Asian and European restaurants and bars. Eugene Lim, Marketing Manager for the group, explains why

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IndoChine Phuket, set above the white sands of Kalim Beach and overlooking stunning Patong Bay and IndoChine Jakarta, centred at the heart of Jakarta lifestyle, are the two newest IndoChine venues to spread the IndoChine Group message. And what is that message encapsulated in the unique designs of the 21 venues in Singapore; Jakarta, Indonesia; Phuket, Thailand; and Hamburg, Germany? Put simply, it is a holistic lifestyle concept deeply steeped in the rich traditions, culture and heritage of Indochina – the so-called Mekong countries of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia – providing a sophisticated mixture of cuisines and entertainment synonymous with Asia.

The secrets of success
Michael Ma, IndoChine Group’s inspirational CEO, explains his approach to continuous improvement: “IndoChine must stay ahead of the game. We do this by constantly refreshing ourselves, by being consistent across the whole group. We started with a restaurant, now we’re in the resort business, and have the only fleet of stretch limousines – under our brand Lotus Limousines – in Singapore. It’s about identifying the needs, and enhancing the offering.”

We set ourselves apart from other organisations with our nutraceutical cuisine and our passion for environmental conservation. IndoChine makes use of the best and freshest ingredients in its nutraceutical cuisine. What does this mean? It means using a cardio-friendly concept using vegetables such as garlic, onions and carrots; herbs like lemongrass, and fish like cod fish, and we also serve teas which are rich in health-providing minerals, antitoxins, vitamins and proteins.

Cultural dining experience
We draw inspiration from the Indochinese cultures at the heart of IndoChine’s philosophy, to design our establishments with the most stimulating, exciting – even provocative – décor. From the unique stainless steel-and-leather Ming Dynasty-style chairs to the ethnic Sukothai artifacts, great care and attention has gone into creating an environment fusing Asian cultural history with contemporary lifestyle.

We show our passion by adhering strictly to a regime of environmental sustainability, from the choice of recycled materials to refusing to serve dishes derived from endangered species, such as shark fin soup, bluefin tuna and caviar from the sturgeon.

Heads of state, royalty and celebrities from around the world join us to share the IndoChine experience. His Royal Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco; David and Victoria Beckham, Tony and Cherie Blair, Sting, INXS, Mariah Carey, the list goes on as IndoChine’s reputation as the “go to” place, and the place “to be seen”, grows.

The award-winning recipe
IndoChine offers a hand to the community through numerous corporate social responsibility projects. We have raised money and helped organisations like the Red Cross, Asian Children’s Medical Fund and for tsunami relief. In Phuket, IndoChine was the driving force behind a “clean-up-the-beach” campaign.
The biggest, most unforgettable parties and events are part of IndoChine’s mainstay. Take the International Olympic Games 2012 bid parties in Singapore, the MTV Asia post-award parties and the International Indian Film Academy Awards party. There are too many to mention here.

IndoChine Group has received numerous conservation awards for the designs of our restaurants, such as the lovingly restored façade of the Forbidden City restaurant in Singapore and IndoChine Club Street, which combines art and culture in an historic building. In Phuket, our three-storey, round restaurant and bar complex with its all-glass walls captures incredible views, and is environmentally friendly.

Michael Ma has also received numerous awards for his leadership and entrepreneurship, including the Responsible Business Leader Award 2011 by the Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards, 2010 Green Leadership Award, by the Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Awards [APEA], and the Singapore Tourism Entrepreneur of the year award in 2006, plus many more.