The Inside Track: The Professional Approach

The Inside Track describes the methods Alan Potts used to generate over $50,000 profit from his betting during 1997.

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Author: Alan Potts
Publisher: Aesculus Press Limited – 2006
Price: £12.95

The author has studied many American texts and explains how he has mixed their ideas with his own 30 years experience of British racing and betting. There are no systems, no rules and no guarantees in this book, yet anybody who likes to bet on horse racing is sure to find material here that will challenge accepted beliefs and persuade them to think in new ways about their betting. In his first book, Potts explained that to make a living it was necessary to bet against the crowd. This book expands on that and takes the reader inside the mind of one of the most successful professional punters operating in the country. There are separate sections covering flat racing and jumping, and also detailed discussions of all-weather racing and the growing world of spread betting.