Diving with Giants: The World’s Best Pelagic Dives

‘Diving with Giants’ features the best places in the world’s oceans and seas to dive with pelagic species


Author: Jack Jackson

Publisher: New Holland Publishers Ltd – 2006

Price: £29.99 

‘Pelagic’ is a real buzzword for divers, and refers to the big, fast creatures of the open waters. This includes sharks, manta rays, dolphins, whales, barracuda, and so on. The book is strongly destination-driven, but themed around pelagic creatures. Thus, the Atlantic section includes, for example, diving with great white sharks off South Africa’s Cape coast; the Red Sea features diving with dolphins, numerous shark species and whale sharks off Djibouti; the Indian Ocean features diving with manta rays in the Maldives, barracuda and tuna in southern Thai marine parks, and whale sharks off the Seychelles and Western Australia; the Pacific includes diving with sharks, pilot whales and rays off Malaysia; hammerhead sharks, grey tip and white tip reef sharks off Indonesia; manta rays off the Philippines; and the Caribbean features plenty of ray and shark action, and so on.