BCS Global: Experts in telepresence

BCS Global is helping to provide end-to-end visual collaboration services for today’s businesses, in a telepresence market which is continually growing

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In today’s business environment, video collaboration is gaining a strong foothold as an effective visual communications tool. Telepresence, in particular, has played a key role in changing the attitudes of business leaders towards adapting to this innovative technology.

Early adopters of telepresence and videoconferencing are realising tangible benefits in terms of demonstrated return on investment. In addition, telepresence provides effective collaboration leading to faster decision making and drives significant improvements in productivity. Enterprises considering the implementation and management of video collaboration and communications services internally have realised that this can be a complex undertaking, often requiring specialised skills not always present in-house.

Integration and management of the different components – such as video infrastructure, video endpoints and networking – can be a daunting task, which can be further complicated by customisation, geographic coverage and the unique business needs and challenges faced by an enterprise.

Visual collaboration may be core to an enterprise’s ability to do business, but it is not necessarily the core competency of the business. As a result, many organisations are now offloading the deployment and day-to-day management of their video collaboration and communications services to a managed video services provider. As such, the role of managed video services providers has become increasingly important. In many cases, managed services can play a fundamental role in the success or failure of telepresence in the organisation.

Ease of use
BCS Global takes away the burden of managing a complex visual communications and collaboration system by delivering a seamless and reliable managed telepresence service.  BCS Global’s managed telepresence service is easy-to-use, provides a superior user experience, drives usage adoption in the organisation and is available anywhere, anytime, over any network, and on any video device.

BCS Global’s managed telepresence services can be deployed as a cloud-based service, customer-hosted service, or a hybrid of both – using either BCS Global’s state-of-the-art video infrastructure or directly through the customer-owned video infrastructure.

Today, telepresence is no longer just limited to the boardroom, but is becoming more prevalent and ubiquitous, which in turn is putting a significant onus on enterprises to provide video collaboration services that are not just confined to dedicated rooms, but available across various mobile telepresence devices and supported twenty-four-seven.

BCS Global offers end-to-end managed telepresence services that help businesses to implement and manage a high-definition, point-to-point or multipoint video collaboration solution that combines innovative video, audio, and interactive elements to deliver an immersive, real-time, lifelike environment. The key features of BCS Global’s managed telepresence services include:
– Comprehensive end-to-end managed service. A fully managed telepresence solution that covers all services related to user support, video networks, video endpoints and video infrastructure.
– Any-to-any interoperability. Capability to support telepresence systems from different vendors to interoperate and participate in video conferences.
– Telepresence on a range of devices. Ability to access videoconferencing using many devices, including boardroom systems, desktops, laptops, smartphones or tablets.
– Telepresence from anywhere. Ability to access videoconferencing from anywhere – office, home, or on-the-move.
– Exceptional user experience. Immersive user experience with comprehensive self-serve and concierge services.
– Usage adoption. Programs to facilitate the adoption and deployment of telepresence across the enterprise.
– Global presence and increased accessibility. Seamless managed telepresence services delivered globally with VNOCs and points-of-presence in London, New York, Toronto, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

BCS Global delivers affordable and easy-to-use managed telepresence services complemented with usage adoption programs that help accelerate service utilisation across the enterprise. The managed solution results in reducing the cost of implementing the telepresence scheme and realising a faster return on investment.

Enhancing telepresence value
By leveraging a high degree of specialised skills in video, networking, product-specific knowledge and vendor certifications, BCS Global is able to offer its customers a world class managed telepresence service that helps realise the value of telepresence with minimal impact on the organisation’s current network and operations. BCS Global has the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully integrate multi-vendor video components with existing and new enterprise immersive video solutions. BCS Global is an accredited services partner for leading equipment and service providers such as Polycom, Cisco, Vidyo and others.

BCS Global’s managed telepresence services can be sized and scoped to address the particular business needs of an organisation, with the flexibility and modularity to add components or services as needed. Its comprehensive managed telepresence services include a twenty-four-seven global helpdesk, end-user assistance, meeting scheduling, video endpoint management, video infrastructure management, address book management, gateway services, reporting and concierge services (such as operator-assisted call launching, call monitoring and call recording). BCS Global’s support and help desk services are available through various channels – phone, video, email and a self-serve online portal.

Widespread adoption of telepresence is not only transforming the way people work, but is also driving impactful usage applications in different industry verticals. Based on BCS Global’s extensive domain and industry experience, it offers enterprises with innovative vertical-specific applications that integrate video collaboration seamlessly within their core business workflow instead of just offering a stand-alone video meeting solution.

BCS Global’s managed telepresence services have helped organisations in different industry verticals to significantly increase usage adoption by integrating video as a mainstream collaboration technology across the enterprise, resulting in productivity improvements, collaboration effectiveness and operational flexibility.

Inter-company video collaboration
Video collaboration today is primarily conducted within the enterprise (intra-company), but as organisations are beginning to see an increase in usage adoption, the need for inter-company (B2B) video collaboration with customers, suppliers and partners, is beginning to surface as a requirement in collaboration strategies. This trend is giving rise to the need for vendors to urgently address interoperability and B2B videoconferencing requirements.

Looking ahead at the emerging requirements for B2B telepresence services, BCS Global has been a thought leader in building a public B2B video network to facilitate seamless B2B video collaboration for its customers. BCS Global is a founding member of OVCC (Polycom’s Open Visual Communications Consortium), a member of the XConnect’s VIE network, and has interconnects with various regional and global telecom carriers, which enable it to provide its customers with seamless public B2B inter-company connectivity to communicate beyond their enterprise boundaries with their partners, suppliers and customers.