Building business platforms

Offering rich functionality solutions built-in for specific industries and business processes, Infor's domain experts understand their customers' specific requirements


Infor has built, acquired and improved some of the best enterprise solutions in the business. Its solutions are not only proven in the field but made even better through ongoing innovation, faster implementation programmes, expanded global services and support, and more flexible buying options.

In just a few short years, Infor has become one of the world’s largest providers of business software with over 70,000 customers, more than 8,000 employees and annual revenues exceeding $2 billion.

The Infor model extends its customers’ capabilities by providing a wide variety of solutions from a single vendor that has a detailed understanding of its customers businesses. Infor’s Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) strategy, which delivers greatly improved interoperability with both Infor and non-Infor products is just one of the ways the company demonstrates its pro-active approach.

Expense management solutions
The management of employee-initiated spending is an often overlooked part of cost-control – surprising given that employees may be in direct control of nearly half of an organisation’s controllable spend. The Infor Expense Management suite provides both control and insight by automating and reducing the costs of key spend-related business processes, analysing and benchmarking activities for ongoing insight, and enabling instantaneous updates to and comprehensive enforcement of policies related to employee-initiated spending. It’s all about control.

The solution is a suite of applications which can be used in any combination with each other or individually. From travel and entertainment expenses, through to vendor payments for goods or services not captured elsewhere, the system’s modules can capture, process and analyse all employee- initiated spending. Infor Expense Management reduces costs by eliminating manual, error-prone human processes. It ensures compliance with organisational policy and has fully-configurable workflow to manage and track the approval process.

Infor Expense Management solutions can be acquired in a variety of ways depending on the way its customers prefer to source, deploy and service their solutions. A hosted software option is available in both hosted-license and Software as a Service (subscription) models, with the same functionality as Infor’s on-premise, perpetually-licensed software. The benefit of the SaaS approach is its flexibility; it provides on-demand access through subscription-based pricing.

This range of options is available because some customers need to implement Expense Management functionality rapidly but at the low initial start-up cost offered through monthly subscription-based pricing as opposed to the higher initial cost of the licensed software model. Infor Expense Management gives organisations flexibility.
The ambit of the Infor Expense Management application suite is huge – it can be used to enforce travel policy compliance, negotiate vendor savings, increase the accuracy of time billed to clients, reduce unnecessary and unauthorised purchases and increase the amount of non-domestic VAT reclaimed. The system is currently being used by many hundreds of organisations across the globe.

Particularly in these troubled times, companies are looking for ways to lower corporate spend, and employee-initiated spending is one area which ought not to be underestimated. Enabling easier tracking and analysis, Infor Expense Management presents an enormous opportunity for cost reduction. Unnecessary and out-of-policy travel, under-billed clients and unauthorised purchases could become a thing of the past, not to mention the significant reduction in “creative” expense claims which the system enables.

It’s a simple solution enabling organisations to regain control over employee-initiated spending and to automate expense-related processes in order to realise very worthwhile benefits to the bottom line.

Financial accounting solutions
What enterprising company doesn’t want to reduce total department administration costs enhancing service levels and transparency? That is of course a rhetorical question, but not one with a necessarily easy resolution. The goal can be difficult to achieve without the proper financial resource management foundation.

Infor Financial Management System’s solutions fully support the operational management of the business by providing instant access to and control over finance and accounting information. They put finance on solid ground through time-tested applications with advanced technologies to help companies streamline enterprise-wide processes, achieve economies of scale and improve visibility into performance.

Enterprising companies can benefit from the reduction of errors and cycle time, improved user-productivity through easy reporting, querying and data entry, and collaboration both inside and outside the organisation. Infor’s financial accounting solutions help implement adaptable business processes on a global scale.

The system’s ‘Inventory’ function provides organisation-specific warehouse management solutions, while the ‘Fixed Assets’ component allows for efficient tracking and maintenance of the information needed for financial and tax accounting, property control and depreciation forecasting. The ‘General Ledger’ function combined solid control with abundant analytical power. ‘Accounts Receivable’ and ‘Accounts Payable’ functionality provide tools and processing functions to enable timely and efficient management, while ‘Purchasing’ assures the right goods are available while providing maximum cost control.

These integrated, functionally-rich applications give organisations the strength and versatility to make their entire finance and accounting department operate more efficiently. As well as impacting on their basic financial resource management tasks, the applications also provide for the future with the scalability to accommodate future growth and meet evolving compliance requirements.

Why Infor?
With 3,500 product specialists based in 35 countries plus 1,400 technology, sales and service partners and support and training in 20 languages, Infor believe that ‘better’ requires not only world-class support but world-class support spanning the globe.

The Alpharetta-based enterprise solutions company keeps a laser focus on lowering the total cost of ownership through programs such as Fast Start and One Point Implementation ™, both helping to get projects started as quickly as possible. Infor’s purpose is to make customers’ business software better, giving them more time to focus on running the business. Customers can choose from a variety of provisioning, be it licensed, hosted software-as-a-service or totally outsourced solutions. Financing options can be tailored to meet their operating requirements.

Technological innovation allows customers to leverage their investments without disrupting or abandoning the current set-up through a financially stable, viable partner willing to invest on your behalf.

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