Gadgets: Into the white

There is something about pristine, white gadgets that combine exemplary design with extreme levels of quality which can bring the grasping materialist out in all of us. Here are some of the best

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microsoft zune

Microsoft Zune
the music fan who doesn’t want to follow the crowd, and is looking for
something a little different from the ubiquitous iPod, the Microsoft
Zune represents a sound choice. Its intuitive, easy-to-use interface
and Zune Marketplace software rival the best aspects of the iPod, but
where it really comes into its own is on sound quality. It puts the
iPod’s sometimes tinny and shallow acoustics to shame, and its screen
is perfect for watching films and TV. With the top-level model’s 120GB
capacity, it is capable of storing an impressive number of tracks, and
genuinely deserves to be judged on its own terms – as a great piece of
engineering and design – rather than as just being seen as a poor
relation to the iPod.

hublot watch

Hublot Big Bang
firm Hublot has been making watches for the last 30 years, and its most
successful model, the Big Bang, has received international recognition
and accolades since its release in 2005, including the ‘2005 Design
Prize’, the ‘Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix’ and the award for ‘Watch of
the Year’. This new white ceramic model features Hublot’s signature
natural rubber strap (which took three years to develop), and its
automatic movement features a tungsten carbide oscillating weight,
ensuring the kind of accuracy that can only be achieved through
cutting-edge engineering and an unwavering attention to detail.

world chair

Neils Diffrient World Chair
Diffrient is the godfather of ergonomic furniture design, and this new
Diffrient chair, manufactured by Humanscale, is perhaps his finest
creation to date. It combines form and function in a perfectly balanced
design which adjusts to a user’s body shape and weight without any
mechanism. The free-recline action means that the chair ‘moulds’ itself
around the human body, automatically finding the most comfortable
position and offering unparalleled lumbar support. It is constructed
from just eight parts, weighs in at just 25 pounds, and makes for the
ideal addition to any style – and health-conscious office


Leica M Series White Edition
and quality have always been an integral part of the Leica brand, and
the new Leica M8 ‘White Edition’ is perhaps the most exclusive camera
this highly respected manufacturer has produced to date. Limited to
just 275 units, the White Edition is finished in chrome and white
leather, as well as a special white paint finish which is highly
resistant to dirt and scratches. The technical specifications are the
same as those of the ‘standard’ M8 (although using a word like
‘standard’ when it comes to Leica seems a bit unfair), and its
lightweight, compact form make it as close to perfection as any camera
is ever likely to be

fender jaguar

Fender Jaguar Classic
perhaps not as easily recognisable as the iconic Stratocaster and
Telecaster, the Fender Jaguar has a very special place in the hearts of
musicians – and fans – the world over. Its classic design, more-or-less
unchanged since 1962, has been associated with surf, jazz and
alternative rock over the years, and its quirky image and unusual,
full-bodied tone have appealed to players as diverse as David Byrne,
Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley. This stunning white version features two
Humbucker pickups and a distinctive Adjusto-matic bridge, with an alder
body, maple neck and brown shell pickguard.

bianchi caal

Bianchi Caal 8200 Bike
would be a shame to leave a Bianchi bicycle out of any review of white
gadgets, as Bianchi translates into ‘white’ in Italian. It would also
be a shame to leave it out simply because Bianchi have been making some
of the best bikes in the world for almost 125 years (it is the oldest
bicycle manufacturer still in existence). Whilst most models are
painted the distinctive ‘Bianchi Green’ (or turquoise), this Caal 8200
comes in white and offers some of the highest specifications in
cycling. The company’s reputation for quality and technological
innovation are almost legendary, and for the casual cyclist and
professional alike, the Caal 8200 certainly lives up to its
distinguished pedigree.