Gateway to the Gulf

With fixed operation bases in London and Doha, Rizon Jet offers premium travel to customers all over the world

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As service excellence throughout the travel industry continues to advance year-on-year and the facilities provided by leading hotels, convention centres, airlines and cultural destinations across the world raise the bar higher and higher when it comes to providing for discerning travellers, Rizon Jet is competing hard in a busy industry. It was recently named Best Fixed Based Operator (FBO) in the Middle East, 2012, in Business Destinations magazine, for its stunning VIP terminal located at Doha International Airport. That marked the end of a great first year for the Doha terminal, which opened in May 2011 and was officially inaugurated in March this year.

The Doha terminal’s VIP lounge is designed to show off the best of modern Arabic design, sporting a minimalistic approach with a generous, airy space throughout

Rizon Jet’s CEO, Captain Hassan Al-Mousawi, says: “Our quest for excellence has won our customers’ satisfaction. Rizon Jet offers travellers and private jet owners something unique tailored to their individual needs and this can be seen across our service offering. We will maintain our commitment to seven-star service; whether that means providing unparalleled world-class VIP passenger handling facilities and services, or managing and maintaining business jets to standards that exceed industry norms. Our facilities in Doha and London Biggin Hill enable us to extend this level of service to clients in Europe and the Middle East.”

Seven-star service
The Doha terminal’s VIP lounge is designed to show off the best of modern Arabic design, sporting a minimalistic approach with a generous, airy space throughout. With an opulence and attention to detail that matches anything offered by even the most exclusive of airline operators, the Doha terminal caters for an international clientele as well as Middle Eastern families and business travellers. It boasts the very best in service standards, giving customers access to luxurious lounges, business suites, and beautiful restrooms; all the facilities one might expect from a seven-star operator. In addition to this, dressing rooms, along with housekeeping and one-to-one concierge services, give travellers a sense of complete comfort, as all their needs are catered for, from laundry to personal tailoring. There are also snooze rooms and shower facilities available for crews.

To complement the spacious lounge, integrated FBOs each have base and line maintenance capabilities on a range of Bombardier and Hawker types and state-of-the-art hangarage for customers who require long-term parking and care. The facility also offers a full suite of business tools from private floors, comfortable set-aside lounges, dedicated offices and boardrooms to conduct business meetings both before departure and on return. The company has carefully thought of every possibly requirement.

Rizon Jet is unique as the only Middle East operator to have a luxurious VIP fixed base operation located in the international aviation hub of London, Biggin Hill. Offering unparalleled levels of service and facilities, both operations have been designed to change the way in which the modern FBO works by introducing innovation and technology to equip customers with everything necessary for their comfort  to enjoy successful business trips. Additionally, Rizon Jet focuses on providing a comprehensive suite of private aviation services ranging from aircraft charter, maintenance and management to aircraft sales and consulting.

Engineering and business travel
Part of Ghanim bin Saad al Saad & Sons Group Holdings (GSSG) and the only independent private jet operator with its own terminal in Qatar, Rizon Jet is uniquely positioned to meet the demand of the burgeoning Gulf market. Moreover, with the company’s engineering capability, Rizon Jet intends to be a key player in providing engineering and maintenance services for business jets and private aircraft in the Gulf region. The company is able to provide seamless services in the Middle East and Europe through its facilities in Doha and Biggin Hill.

“Due to rapid growth during 2011, especially at the London Biggin Hill terminal, we are confident of being fully ready for the anticipated increase of business brought in the run up to this summer’s Olympic Games in London. The company has been preparing by increasing its capacity to handle anticipated demand and extending the range of aircraft services offered. It is already receiving advance booking requests from customers for the Olympic Games period,” says Captain Al-Mousawi.