IESE Business School: Harnessing executive potential

With an eye on fast-moving emerging markets, IESE is teaming up in 2012 with Wharton and CEIBS to offer a unique programme for senior executives

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The Global CEO Programme: A Transformational Journey (GCP), features modules in Sao Paulo, Philadelphia and Shanghai. The programme helps top executives zero-in on new opportunities for achieving profitable growth. The programme’s first module was  held in Sao Paolo between 4-9 November, 2011. The following module takes place on Wharton’s campus in Philadelphia between 10-15 March, 2012, and the final one at CEIBS’ campus in Shanghai between 2-7 June, 2012.

What it takes
The Global CEO is an action-oriented programme aimed at providing participants with the chance to step back from their daily responsibilities and expand their knowledge and awareness of global business dynamics.

“The faculty are at the forefront of research and very knowledgeable,” said participant Sanjay Sharma, CEO of Tata Interactive Systems.  “They teased out some very practical solutions in the cases they’ve led with us.”  Interaction with peers is a key element in the course’s design. “These are some of the most interesting and experienced people you could have as co-participants. So learning from them is great,” he said. “It’s a good course for senior executives or those trying to get to CEO positions. The way it’s designed is smart because by locating the programme in places like Brazil, the US and China, you get the flavour of these markets – and a sense of adventure, too.”

During the GCP, participants gain crucial knowledge that they can apply immediately, while discovering the latest models and frameworks for understanding business problems. A cross-programme project allows participants to focus on the specific challenges which are relevant to their own organisations.

Proven track record
Those who have embarked on a cross-programme project are quick to merit its credentials and the scope of candidates is vast, with businesses all over the world recognising the potential the initiatives have to offer.

One such candidate is Carmen Tanasie, CEO of Omnicom Media Group, a leading global advertising and marketing communications services company, who commented: “There is a huge value with the cross-programme project, which we can’t even quantify. The feedback sessions are powerful in many ways.” The executive programmes appeal to the highest levels of the business community, with institutions as esteemed as the ING Group taking note. “This is the ideal programme for people looking to broaden their business outlook and deepen their understanding of global trends and market behaviour. Learning and sharing experiences with a culturally diverse group of peers increased the value of the programme exponentially for me,” said Hans van der Noordaa, CEO of Benelux at ING Bank.

The reason for GCP’s success is its modern approach to business, in which corporations must think about more than just the profit line to stay ahead in today’s changing world.  “I chose the GCP because I was looking for a programme that provides a lot of depth into many disciplines in business today,” said Mansour Hajjar, CEO of Allied Enterprises (UAE Chalhoub Group), “and also a global outlook with a glimpse into the future.”

With its high-calibre faculty and global perspective, the GCP is a learning experience that will help executives take their companies to the next level in an increasingly competetitive series of markets.

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