Harford County’s tech infrastructure is perfect for European businesses

With easy access to the entire US, Harford County is a prime business destination

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Harford County's enviable location makes it an attractive prospect for tech start-ups

Harford County, Maryland is the new centre of opportunity in the US Mid-Atlantic region, offering a winning combination for business success. Advantageously positioned on the I-95 highway, Harford County is within an overnight drive of one third of the entire US population, and provides easy access to nearby international airports, railways and the Port of Baltimore. This prime location, combined with a new pro business climate, highly skilled workforce, and rising quality of life, makes Harford County an ideal place to work, play, live, learn and invest. “Harford County is building on its strengths and promoting a business-friendly environment for both domestic and international companies to prosper”, said County Executive Barry Glassman.

Proven worth
Harford County’s Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) is the county’s largest employer, and one of the most diversified military installations in the US, with 93 tenant organisations and six Centres of Excellence. APG is home to a workforce with a high proportion of graduates, and has evolved into a hub for research, development, test, and evaluation activity. This economic engine has made Harford County a centre for science and technology, creating a range of opportunities that span multiple sectors.

A community focused on technology and innovation needs highly skilled employees, so Harford works hard to ensure top-notch talent is available

“APG is a regional catalyst for opportunity in terms of government, industry, and academic collaboration”, said Karen Holt, Harford County’s Director of Economic Development. “Commercialisation of APG’s emerging technologies has had a positive impact throughout the region, helping the local economy diversify significantly. Pioneering technologies in additive manufacturing support public-private partnerships that expedite these concepts to market.” While nearly half of the county’s economy is based in the defence industry, the other half is in manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, cyber, and information technology.

A community focused on technology and innovation needs highly skilled employees, so Harford County works hard to ensure a pipeline of top-notch talent is available. A highly rated education system, working in collaboration with industry, helps supply the talent pool for the workforce of today and tomorrow.

Work hard, play hard
With a median household income topping $81,016 and a consumer expenditure level at 18 percent above the national average, Harford County attracts a diverse residential community, historically well suited for families. Situated on the Chesapeake Bay, just 270km from New York City and 111km from Washington, DC, the county has the housing options and employment opportunities that families desire.

Harford County has a rich agricultural history, and features abundant green space, walking trails, parks, marinas and playgrounds, along with industrial and commercial developments and lifestyle centres. “In Harford County, we support a wide range of technology and business needs while offering the recreation and cultural amenities that families look for”, said Glassman.

Consider Harford County, Maryland for your next business venture. This Chesapeake Bay county has everything a business could need, from a beautiful waterfront to employment opportunities in the most exciting technology, manufacturing, and information technology sectors. Furthermore, a diverse economy ensures that local jobs are here to stay. Harford County is ready to support your business growth and investment.