Trading, teamwork, research and development

MIG Investments broadens its worldwide client base providing the markets most competitive trading conditions; a dedicated, professional Client Support Team; and a new in-house Research Department


Having already tripled its account base since 2006, MIG Investments is
fast becoming one of the preferred online Forex trading sites in the
world. The company has been broadening its international operations
from its Swiss headquarters in Neuchâtel since 2003 and now serves
clients in over 100 countries.

Key to success
key to its recent client surge has a lot to do with the success of its
business model which provides a potent synergy between three vital
branches in the organization – Trading, Client Support Services, and
the Research Department. Improved internal communication channels and a
restructured IT department help make this synergy possible. Coupled
with highly competitive trading conditions, state-of-the-art trading
software, and personalized customer service, M I G Investments’ offer
is hard to match.

Best conditions
types of trading accounts are offered to fit different trading styles –
the Standard, beginning from USD 2,000; the Professional, from USD
100,000 and up; and the Institutional account, reserved for high net
worth clients. As part of their package to bring the best conditions
possible to market, institutional spreads include an exciting 1 pip on
EURUSD and USDJPY, and reduced spreads on most other pairs. The
standard offering is just as competitive with 2 pip spreads on 5 pairs,
aggressive spreads on a total of 34 pairs, and streamline dealing in up
to 20 million. Recently more exotic currency pairs have been added. In
addition to these attractive conditions, clients can trade on a
leverage of 200:1. MIG’s ‘no maintenance margin policy’ means no margin
calls during the week, and there is no commission charge.

offerings have also been boosted. Client Support speaks 16 different
languages and offers a website available in 9, with Turkish being the
latest addition. Favoring a personal relationship with clients, the
company is committed to building fruitful partnerships by consistently
providing the latest products, services and tools to improve the
trading experience.

Technological advantage
powerful, user-friendly MIG Trading Station is one of the safest and
most reliable online trading platforms in the market. Available in 21
languages, live streaming prices are provided without a request for
quote up to 20 million. It comes loaded with charting options and
clients are able to further personalize their trading strategies by
directly programming them into the platform. For a small fee, MIG can
also program these strategies; Professional and Institutional account
holders receive this service for free.

What’s new in-house
to MIG Investments’ arsenal is its knowledge base. A new in-house
Research Department provides exclusive technical analysis and intraday
reports regularly; Institutional Clients can get in touch directly with
experts for a talk about the market – an industry first. With over 30
years experience in bonds, commodities, equities and foreign exchange,
Richard Morrish, Head of the Research Department, is an authority in
his field. Richard appears regularly on CNBC giving his personal take
on the Forex and Bullion markets.

its internal organizations for yet more growth, the company has started
preparing its application for a banking license, which could be
allotted by the end of next year. As a prerequisite, MIG Investments is
poised to significantly increase its capital and is investigating other
financial services, modeled with its own unique set of offerings.

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