Leading by example

Tech Mahindra is one of the leading providers in telecoms since its acquisition of Satyam in 2009, says CP Gurnani

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From humble beginnings, Tech Mahindra’s growth as a leading provider in IT services and telecom solutions has been exponential. With a customer-first philosophy forming the backbone of the organisation, it has been our endeavour to create new benchmarks of standards, which in today’s market is no easy feat.

Our ability to take calculated risks and work relentlessly towards achieving success has been our strength. These are the very characteristics that enabled us to acquire Satyam Computers in 2009: an organisation that was in a turmoil following the confession of a corporate fraud by its chairman. We embarked on a three-year transformational journey. Today it is a moment of pride when I share that Mahindra Satyam has not only stabilised, but is also a profitable company with over $1.28bn in revenues as of March this year.
It was our belief, persistent perseverance and ‘never say die’ spirit that ensured we made the impossible, possible. Today, we are all set to merge Tech Mahindra and Mahindra Satyam. The encouragement that we have received from our stakeholders has been exceptional. Together, we look forward to scaling greater heights and ensuring an enhanced experience for all our stakeholders. At the heart of our core values, we follow the three tenets of Rise™:
– accepting no limits;
– alternative thinking; and
– driving positive change.

We challenge conventional thinking and innovatively use all our resources to drive positive change in the lives of our stakeholders and communities across the world, to enable them to also follow Rise™. Mahindra Satyam and Tech Mahindra deliver solutions and services ranging from business consulting to building and maintaining products. We provide solutions to manage services across several industry verticals including manufacturing, telecommunications, banking, healthcare and life sciences, energy and utilities, retail and logistics.

The deep-seated expertise in these vertical domains is supported by equally strong competencies, which enable us to deliver solutions across multiple enterprises, including:
– customer relationship management;
– business intelligence;
– business process quality;
– operations management;
– engineering solutions;
– digital convergence solutions,
– product lifecycle management; and
– infrastructure management.

With our balanced geographic exposure and client diversification, we are in a great position to not only address the ITS requirements of the CSPs with our depth of understanding of the telecom vertical, but also enable the enterprises to be more effective by tapping into the advances in communication technologies today. We focus our main areas of investment on N-MACS, which stands for Network, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud and Security. N-MACS is a broad strategy of the merged entity, which will enable our customers to be future-ready. We believe N-MACS can help our customers transform, leverage and grow their businesses to greater heights.

In today’s global environment, connectivity across large corporations or over an international ecosystem of suppliers and customers is the key to the success of any organisation, and network solutions play a key role in the effectiveness of such an operation.

Mobile applications relevant to enterprise business solutions are also gaining priority and bring the mobility dimension to the forefront. To understand global operations and customer preferences, an analytics plug-in is required to complement the connected enterprise. The cyclic variations and fast-paced demands for infrastructure and software require a cloud-based model, providing the elasticity to such demands. The importance of built-in security is unquestionable, and is a standard requisite.  Based on these factors, we believe that N-MACS is the way forward and will drive industry growth forward in the coming years.

Technology is rapidly changing the way we do business. Customers, both consumers and clients, are becoming more assertive, and expect the highest standards of delivery. This has compelled businesses to boost network capacity and connectivity. Industries are also becoming increasingly digitised and demand a variety of new services, including mobile payment platforms and cloud computing. The market for mobile applications continues to grow rapidly, creating yet another disruptive force that operators need to adapt to quickly.

At the same time, the integrated technology value chains on which telecom operators have long depended, including critical applications and service platforms, are growing increasingly more modular and open. As a result, the telecom ecosystem is becoming much more competitive, as new entrants from adjacent industries look to exploit both new customer expectations and technological openness. The trends clearly show us the path that will be followed, and N-MACS will play a crucial role in shaping the future of this evolving industry.

N-MACS is a clear differentiator for us. If you look at networks, we are among the best in the industry as Tech Mahindra focuses 100 percent on the telecommunications industry, including service providers and telecom equipment manufacturers. Over $1bn is generated in revenues, which come from the solutions and services that we provide to this specific area of the industry. We are organised in the same way our customers are, and we’re aligned to how they buy.

Our offerings strategy is built around what we internally refer to as ‘the six pillar strategy’. Each pillar has its own COE and a set of offerings that cater to the needs of the various CxO functions within the CSPs. That’s the power of networks, which is what separates us from the rest.

Similarly, the ‘M’ in N-MACS represents the formation of CanvasM (TechM’s subsidiary) from even before the dawn of the tablet era. ‘A’ depends on a deep-seated understanding of target industries. These are huge differentiators that are difficult to replicate. So we believe that the integrated solutions offered through N-MACS are the best provided by us and will be the game changer for us.

We helped a multi-play operator in the Middle East to deploy an IPTV & OTT solution to serve content to gated communities and mass market subscribers, enabling a state-of-the-art living environment. We also helped UEFA, one of the world’s largest premium sports content owners, and built the scale needed to provide a seamless experience for users globally.

Keeping customer needs in mind, we have built various customer scenarios as per the industry verticals. We can track and trace cars from the manufacturing unit to the showroom. We help companies monitor the entire chain right from manufacturing to order completion, analyse the performance, optimise time and cost, enable cloud infrastructure for scheduling and order booking, and we also bring the security layer where multifarious systems across the ecosystem are integrated.

While we maintain our quality standard, we continuously aim to improve the service, with N-MACS playing a huge role in providing solutions that are in a class apart from the rest. The recent emergence of cloud computing, social CRM, various forms of digital media and mobility have now forced end-user organisations to re-build traditional solutions, which has improved integration of marketing, sales and service strategies across the enterprise as a whole.

While the economic situation in Europe has not been encouraging, organisations have remained focused on providing business value and extending projects beyond cost reduction. The demand for business analytics solutions among organisations in western Europe is definitely strong, and therefore the growth rates of business analytics practices within the provider often far exceed those of other C&SI service lines.

With N-MACS strategy, we will integrate the technologies and provide seamless solution to our customers, unlocking the business value to become what is called ‘independent enterprise’. This is how we help companies change the way business is done today. With N-MACS, we will play a bigger role in the European market, also looking at BFSI and healthcare. Winning several categories in the 2011 Global Services 100 has been encouraging, and this propels us to perform better, achieving bigger milestones. With complete focus on merging the two organisations seamlessly, we will continue to create innovative and creative solutions for reusable industries aligned to the needs of our customers, while adjusting costs to maximise the benefits.