A new frontier

The US recovery has gathered pace since the turn of the year, with more and more growth hubs springing up across the country. European CEO contues its look at the most promising locations for European companies to invest

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With the US leading the way in the global economic recovery, it’s difficult to overlook the nation when considering new potential areas for investment. Emerging as some of the greatest benefactors of this new growth spurt, and the money filtering through markets thanks to quantitative easing, have been regional towns, cities and states that look to be pulling the country into a new era.

The reason many of these spreading landscapes are enjoying so much attention and showing so much potential is the diversification of the US economy. Until recently, the US was heavily reliant on a highly successful financial sector. Now, however, the federal government has taken great pains to spread the focus across a variety of markets. This, in turn, has encouraged growth across state boundaries.

With [US] markets looking stronger and stronger across the various sectors, it’s clear why the rest of the world is looking on with interest

The huge American economy has attracted international investment in a number of exciting markets, from healthcare and education to mining and the environment. With stable corporate tax rates and advanced infrastructure networks, many of the small towns across the US offer advantageous prospects for both new and developed organisations. And, with educational systems across the country getting better and better, the potential workforce is getting bigger and becoming stronger every day.

Business-focused top to bottom
At federal level, a great deal of support has been aimed at encouraging these growing industries and sectors, from funding to structural and policy support. At regional and state level, the same is true, with local governments encouraging investment from different quarters. As global interest heats up, states have been enjoying increased funding, which has been spent on directing the future of the country.

What’s more, the country’s economy has been propped up by large-scale changes within its energy sector, in which production of crude oil has hit new highs. The country’s local economies have benefited greatly from this, with funds seeping down through a plethora of different avenues. While this is certainly helping to make the US prosperous again, efforts are being made by municipal governments and small organisations to minimise the environmental effects. Part of this is taken care of by engineering capabilities in a multitude of sectors, from science to technology and infrastructural development. It is innovation in these areas that is buoying the new era of commerce for the country.

Key locations
With markets looking stronger and stronger across the various sectors, it’s clear why the rest of the world is looking on with interest. Europe, which is getting closer to a state of recovery, is looking to jump on expanding and growing markets. As such, many investors have become attracted by the trade links established across the Atlantic. Indeed, with greater trade going both ways, both continents are enjoying a period of reaffirmed and successful relations.

Similarly, Asian investors are also seeing the attraction of US markets, with many considering the benefits of diversifying their portfolios across continental boundaries. Risk diversification has become an especially prominent factor in building long-term wealth and an internationally focused investment basis.

European CEO has selected some of the most prominent and interesting options that have attracted interest over the last few months, and those that look to be on the up throughout the course of the year. Continuing from last issue’s rundown, on the following pages we delve into those locations, peppered across the states, that look like they might just be some of the best regions for creating the new American economy.