The sky’s the limit: Jetex goes above and beyond client expectations

Jetex offers a high-quality alternative to the subpar services available in most executive airport lounges. Its work has earned it the respect of clients and peers alike

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As an industry expert, Jetex pushes the luxury aviation sector to new heights – partnering with companies such as HondaJet and Wright Electric

If you’re fortunate enough to travel by private jet, the chances are you’ve come across Jetex. Harnessing an impressive eye for detail, Jetex foresees its clients’ needs and then exceeds them. The company has a global network of fixed-based operators that provides its customers with the same seamless experience wherever they touch down.

Jetex’s journey began back when I was transporting crews from aircraft to the terminal. I kept overhearing complaints about the inadequate services available in executive lounges. In 2005, I launched Jetex; it was the first step towards becoming an internationally recognised brand. Now, the company employs more than 500 members of staff and supports private aviation in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Harnessing an impressive eye for detail, Jetex foresees its clients’ needs and then exceeds them

Seamless service
It took us four years to build our first terminal, which is located at Paris-Le Bourget Airport. During this time, we also established the platform, network and industry connections required to find success in this type of business. Today, I split my time between Miami, Beijing and Dubai’s world-class operation centres.

The door to my office is always open and staff are always welcome to share their innovative ideas about creating a truly connected experience for our customers. Presently, we are looking to further digitalise our brand and have developed a proprietary booking system that integrates with the existing system to provide seamless operational support.

Extending networks
I pride myself on taking a hands-on approach to Jetex’s position within the industry. In 2006, I became a founding board member of the Middle East and North Africa Business Aviation Association. The non-profit group aims to provide a space for members of the region’s business aviation industry to gather and communicate the sector’s needs. In this way, I have played a key role in starting a dialogue between airport operators and the region’s governing authorities. Work such as this has earned Jetex a great deal of respect from industry peers. I am also an active member of the World Economic Forum and the Young Presidents’ Organisation, a global community committed to improving leadership through learning and the exchange of ideas.

The establishment of connections and partnerships is critical to Jetex’s continued success and expansion. Over the years, I’ve brokered several strong partnerships to aid the growth of the company and the business aviation industry more generally. For example, Jetex is the Dubai Air Show’s official handler and participated in the National Business Aviation Association’s 2019 Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition. Being part of two of the world’s largest aviation conferences has helped Jetex to build strategic partnerships and develop a better understanding of the world’s aviation needs. Further, our presence at these events has allowed us to share our market-leading ideas with a global network of aviation professionals.

As an industry expert, Jetex pushes the luxury aviation sector to new heights. Partnering with companies such as HondaJet and Wright Electric is not only crucial to our growth, but also to ensuring the industry’s longevity. Aside from our current initiatives, Jetex is eyeing some exciting new ventures that will continue to drive the business forward for years to come.