Meeting the demand for tailored lifestyle management services

Luxury travel providers have to do more than simply cater to clients with expensive taste. At Luxuria, bespoke experiences and an all-round lifestyle management service are increasingly being demanded

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Luxuria offers exceptional lifestyle management, concierge services and bespoke travel experiences intended for its members and executive corporate accounts

Change is constant in the luxury travel industry. Luxury is becoming more than just a price point; it is a state of mind that brands adopt as consumers increasingly look for truly authentic and transformational experiences. In this regard, luxury travel has followed a similar trend to the wellness arena. It involves a balance of food experiences, memorable activities and exceptional destinations.

The increase in demand for luxury travel experiences is creating new trends that will boost market growth. At Luxuria, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to luxury hospitality is no longer acceptable for modern customers. As such, we aim to provide bespoke services, working closely with our clients to deliver solutions that are right for them.

The new trends in the luxury travel sector include group getaways, yoga spaces and children’s areas on aeroplanes, sleeping cabins on luxury hiking trails, three-Michelin-star restaurants, personal shopping and VIP assistance at airports. We are even seeing more unusual requests, such as for trips to outer space.

Something different
For lifestyle firms hoping to stand out in an increasingly crowded market, it is important to understand the target audience. Firms must realise the luxury segment operates very differently to the mass market. High-end customers are much less likely to use flight-comparison sites, which require them to scroll through different airlines and flight times to find the best deal.

Our clients deserve a personalised, professional, one-on-one service throughout their experiential journey

While those online travel sites are great for everyday consumers, a different class of service awaits those who are keen to enjoy an elite lifestyle. Perhaps these customers want to attend an Oscars event, or they need a contingency plan after their private jet has broken down before an important business meeting.

Luxuria offers exceptional lifestyle management, concierge services and bespoke travel experiences intended for its members and executive corporate accounts. Currently, we offer customers a broad range of luxury experiences. We don’t believe that high-profile clients want to use a self-service, online booking platform to arrange a private jet, manage airport priority handling or secure a table at a Michelin star restaurant. For special occasions, like booking a castle or private island for an event, they deserve exclusive access. Our clients require a personalised, professional, one-on-one service throughout their experiential journey.

Being a Luxuria member is about more than simply receiving exemplary service; it is the ultimate status symbol. Joining Luxuria means joining a group of discerning chief executives, high-calibre cultural icons and elite citizens from around the world. To maintain our delicate and rare quality of privacy and care for each member, access to the Luxuria experience is only granted to those who meet our membership committee’s first-class criteria. Without exception, the approval process works by private invitation and referrals. We only provide services to high-net-worth clients – those who expect the very best life has to offer. Our headquarters are situated in a private, discreet location in the heart of Kuwait’s luxury district, tailored to providing each of our valued guests and members with the highest levels of comfort.

Getting to know you
Our ability to provide the exacting service that our clients desire depends on the relationships we form with them, which is why we take the time to get to know each client. In this respect, our team of concierges is our secret weapon. Each concierge acts as an advisor, guide and lifestyle manager. Once our Luxuria concierge understands their client’s preferences, they will design the entire experience with the individual in mind.

To guarantee that our service is uniquely tailored to each member’s high standards, our professional advisors have been trained to cater to their bespoke lifestyle and travel needs. We start by building a profile detailing the client’s personalised needs and preferences. The more time we spend with our members, the better curated their experience will be. Consistency in delivering excellent service is our main method of retaining existing members and acquiring new ones. Ultimately, we hope to use specialisation and honesty to develop robust client relationships beyond one-off experiences.

Only the best
We promise to deliver a number of benefits to our clients. Firstly, we save them time and effort by supplying a proactive and creative team of individuals, keen to deliver top-level service. Our clients are also entitled to net payable rates, with no markup or commission added on. They gain access to special events, enjoy exclusive privileges and benefit from preferential rates with airlines and hotels. Access to loyalty rewards, privilege programmes and other bespoke benefits is also included.

Perhaps the feature our clients appreciate most is our lifestyle management service. For Luxuria members, day-to-day tasks are taken on by our team – whether that means organising their life to make it more productive or attending to every extravagant desire.

Over the next few years, Luxuria will continue to grow alongside our clients’ needs, ensuring we support our members in their busy lives by providing the best lifestyle management and concierge services. We will remain committed to organising bespoke travel experiences, sourcing luxury goods, giving our members access to special events, arranging personal shopping and styling services, and simply helping with any tasks they bring to us. We will continue to enhance each member’s experience by remaining attuned to client needs and market trends. We check in with every Luxuria member on a regular basis to make sure our standards exceed their expectations at all times.

Our team of concierge and travel specialists boast decades of experience in the luxury services industry. Each member of the Luxuria team is professional, well informed and, most importantly, they enjoy their work. They love exploring the different ways they can help our discerning clients lead an elite lifestyle, and they look forward to doing so every day.