Limo Plus’ personal touch drives chauffeur industry forward

A good chauffeur service is about more than simply transporting individuals from A to B. Rather, it should be personal, reliable and tailored to meet each client’s needs

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Limo Plus chauffeurs drive the safest, most comfortable luxury vehicles the industry has to offer and are subject to stringent standards

The chauffeur industry has faced a number of challenges in recent years, with technological disruption, increased competition and regulatory changes all throwing up difficulties for incumbent players. Even with more than two decades of experience in the industry, Limo Plus knows better than to rest on its laurels in a transforming marketplace. Put simply, complacency is not something that we have ever tolerated.

When my wife, Jo-Ann, and I started the company, I was the chauffeur on the road and she was in the office (our family home) taking all the bookings. As it was just the two of us, our service was reliable and very personal. It was this teamwork that brought Limo Plus its early success.

We have continued to grow by going above and beyond our passengers’ expectations. As a result of this dedication, Limo Plus has never lost a client or an account. Nevertheless, we must continue to evolve in tandem with the industry, expanding our services while never forgetting the unique selling points that have made us one of the most respected chauffeur companies in the world.

Luxury as standard
Despite presenting very different offerings, the chauffeur and taxi industries are often conflated. It may be true that a driver and chauffeur both get you to where you need to be, but the distinction between the two is more than a matter of vocabulary: it is a reflection of service and how said service is delivered.

The distinction between a driver and chauffeur is more than a matter of vocabulary: it is a reflection of service

So while the emergence of ride-hailing companies like Uber has certainly shaken up the transport sector in a general sense, they have had little to no effect on those looking for a personal, discreet and reliable chauffeur service. An Uber driver needs no experience – there is no interview, no knowledge test, no dress code and no visual inspection of the vehicle or driver. Conversely, Limo Plus chauffeurs drive the safest, most comfortable luxury vehicles the industry has to offer and are subject to stringent standards.

At Limo Plus, we have resisted the urge to water down our high expectations in the wake of increased competition and cost cutting. Although some firms have embraced a more casual aesthetic, we believe this undermines the marked difference between a driver and a chauffeur. As such, Limo Plus employees continue to embody the appearance, dignity and tradition of what it means to be a chauffeur.

Meeting every need
At the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey, it was easy to deliver a personal service to each of our clients. When we brought additional members of staff on board, however, it became much more challenging.

Today, in order to maintain the same standards that we delivered in the early days, I personally train all of our chauffeurs, while Jo-Ann instructs the operations team. We are both in the office every day – not because we don’t trust our team, but because by continuing to make Limo Plus personal to us, we can continue to make it personal to our clients.

This is reflected in our commitment to ensuring every client request is met. We have never just been a chauffeur company, and this is why we incorporate the word ‘plus’ into our name. Over the years, we have built a very strong network in the private jet and yacht charter industry, allowing us to offer services across land, sea and air.

We have acted as house manager, filled the role of dog sitter, organised restaurant reservations, purchased concert tickets and ferried pets unaccompanied for hundreds of miles. As long as a client is using our cars, we will do what is asked of us. We are Limo Plus – whatever the question, the answer is always yes.