Will realty end Portugal’s woes?

Despite recession hitting hard, some of Portugal’s real estate companies have continued to flourish, invigorating the countryside, and none more than PortugalRur, specialists in rural high quality real estate

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PortugalRur Estate Management has been working hard to increase the quality of life in rural areas, giving life back to unique heritage villages. Born in the year 2000, with its headquarters set in the heart of central Portugal, the company’s main objective was to mediate the purchase and sale of property in order to develop deserted rural areas, attracting foreign customers (mostly British, Dutch, German and Irish) and Portuguese residents from the cities who were looking to buy a second house as a holiday home. Over the years the company has been working to increase quality of life in these rural areas by helping to fight desertification, preserving our magnificent heritage and giving life back to deserted villages, restoring derelict houses and thus providing vital work for local industry.

Rural focus
PortugalRur Estate Management is recognised as the foremost rural estate agent in Portugal. We have been involved in the sale of many prestigious properties all around Portugal. Currently, displaying a selection of over two thousand properties for sale in Portugal and other countries, PortugalRur website is one of the most searched property websites on the internet, using rural real-estate related tag words in the most popular search engines. The company is one of only a few 100 percent Portuguese enterprises, being owned and run by the Grácio family.

Recent news suggests developments in Portugal’s property market in the coming months will not be encouraging; the state of the economy, whose structural problems have a direct effect on the sector, is taking its toll. However, we do maintain confidence in a market that over the last 20 years has proven its resilience and quality. Moreover, austerity measures implemented by the Portuguese government were deemed credible by major international organisations, creating confidence in a slow but sustained recovery. Yet PortugalRur has repeatedly performed against the odds. Throughout the year we conducted a succession of very good business deals, contradicting dark forecasts.

This was facilitated by a number of factors: those with savings prefer to invest in property (especially as a way to provide a reliable income) rather than take risks in banking applications or in the stock markets, where there is no certainty of a positive return; simultaneously, foreigners continue to favour Portugal for the 220 sun days average per year, the temperature, the comparatively low cost of living, its general safety (top ten in the world) and the friendly and welcoming local people. As a result, and despite an increase in some taxes, Portugal remains a very attractive country.

Importing opportunity
For PortugalRur Estate Management it is also an opportune time to look to emerging markets: China, Russia, Asia, Angola, and Brazil. Our aim is to attract big investors to Portugal using the appealing diversity of our company business portfolio, which includes such prospects as: cooperative wineries, cork production farms, olive groves, vineyards, rural tourism properties in attractive locations across the country, character palaces ready for conversion into high quality hotels, or simply luxury properties that could provide an ideal escape for those seeking breaks from a hectic professional life. Clients that choose to work with PortugalRur will have the dedicated attention of our international department, providing the proper, personalised follow-up after every deal. Our vast knowledge and experience in the real estate market make us confident that we can provide first class service to all clients, helping them to find the right investment at sale price, and offering a friendly and professional service to all. Investing in Portugal is a real opportunity for those seeking business development prospects, or even a luxurious retreat.

For further information visit www.portugalrur.pt; email: international@portugalrur.pt