Portuguese paradise

For some Portugal may only represent a small country located in South-western Europe. PortugalRur Estate Management attest that it has a great deal more to offer

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Imagine a place where you can find a wide variety of unique landscapes, from sunny beaches, golden plains and mountains to areas of ancient heritage and cosmopolitan cities. In Portugal the options are virtually unlimited. You can choose from a wide range of activities including golfing at some of the best courses in the world,  tasting high quality wines complemented with the finest Mediterranean cuisine or simply exploring a country where you can contemplate nature at its purest.

The climate conditions grant mild winters to the Portuguese mainland and an average of 220 days of sun on average per year, due to the country’s excellent location. Whatever the weather you will be able to get around easily, with a modern and efficient transportation network built in the last decade. The Portuguese people are friendly and hospitable; so it will come as no surprise that the country is the 17th most peaceful and the ninth safest country in the world (according to the Global Peace Index). With almost nine centuries of well-defined geographical borders, the democratic regime and political stability prevails in this peace of heaven standing at the seashore.

Competitive markets
Portugal is internationally recognised for the quality work of its architects. Proof of this can be seen in the designs of Pritzker Prize architects Eduardo Souto Mouta and Álvaro Siza Vieira. Yet, property prices are still very attractive, in what is a competitive and reliable industry. Portuguese property is thus a safe haven for domestic and foreign investment and data suggests that there is no such existence of a housing market bubble in the country. By itself, this demonstrates that there are competitive conditions for investment in the sector.

In a comparison of the average value of properties in major European cities (buildings approximately 120m2) Portugal is ranked 26th, revealing that the prices in Portugal are much lower than elsewhere in Western Europe.

The linguistic and cultural connection of Portugal in growth markets such as Brazil and Angola is increasingly valued by foreign investors, emerging among the main factors of attractiveness, according to a study by Ernst & Young. Respondents identify infrastructure – telecommunications, transportation and logistics – as one of the main factors of attractiveness, while increasing the aspects of shared linguistic and cultural room ranked in second place. Ernst & Young highlighted that about 43 percent of respondents felt that the location of their businesses in Portugal “is very important for access to growing markets”. The study also found that countries with close cultural ties to Portugal, such as Angola and Brazil,   have even greater success in the industry.

Rural property and investments
For PortugalRur Estate Management it is also an opportune time to look to emerging markets: China, Russia, Asia, Angola, and Brazil. Our aim is to attract big investors to Portugal using the appealing diversity of our company business portfolio, which includes prospects in cooperative wineries, cork production farms, olive groves, vineyards, rural tourism properties, character palaces ready for conversion into high quality hotels, and simple luxury properties. All could provide an ideal escape for those seeking breaks from a hectic professional life. Clients that choose to work with PortugalRur will have the dedicated attention of our international department, providing the proper, personalised follow-up after every deal. Our vast knowledge and experience in the real estate market make us confident that we can provide first-class service to all clients, helping them to find the right investment at sale price, and offering a friendly and professional service to all. Investing in Portugal is a real opportunity.

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